The Battlefield of Mens Grooming

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]Mens grooming, two words that make the everyday bloke shake in their boots. However, those two words should be on your daily agenda.[/emphasized]

There’s good reason that cleansers, exfoliators and toners seem like gibberish to men of the world. The cosmetics floor in even the best department store seems like a battlefield to most, however, one brand you can rely on to get you through the bright lights is Tom Ford.

When it comes to setting yourself a daily grooming routine, simply heading to the first product you see doesn’t cut the mustard these days. A lot of products on the market are filled with chemicals that can have adverse effects on your skin.

The big question when selecting grooming products is whether it is suitable for male skin, and the Tom Ford for Men Grooming Collection is created specifically for men.

Nothing irritates me more than when you start a daily routine and you look like you have smeared yourself in olive oil. The Tom Ford grooming products feature formulas that are designed to look undetectable on the skin(i.e. no one can tell that you take as long as your woman in the mirror).

The cosmetics floor in our leading department stores would seem like a battlefield to most, however one brand you can rely on to get you through the bright lights is Tom Ford.

Upon the evolution of the modern man, Tom Ford has released more products to their already established men’s range. The beginning of June this year saw the release of three new mens grooming products, including a Brow Gel Comb, a Shave Oil and an Exfoliating Energy Scrub.

Tried and tested by the TTM men, polish yourself up and add these three to your morning routine:

Tom Ford

Tom Ford for Men Brow Gel Comb

The Tom Ford for Men Brow Gel Comb is specifically designed for male brows and helps to define brows into a natural, healthy shape – essential for the polished and sophisticated look preferred by Mr. Ford. With a specially designed precision comb and easy-to-use twist up applicator, the lightweight gel easily glides onto hair to tame and set brows into place. A universally flattering tint of colour, the Brow Gel Comb adds shine and can be used on all hair colours and skin tones. Available in one universal shade.

Tom Ford for Men Shave Oil

This ultra-luxe shave oil moisturizes, conditions and cushions for a close shave. Soothing and calming, shave oil helps protect skin during shaving and helps soothe the look of irritation, while creating an invigorating olfactive experience(relating to the sense of smell) featuring a unique scent blend. The lightweight formula can be used alone or under shave cream. The formula features the Tom Ford for Men Skin Calming Complex and the Tom Ford Purifying Complex. Simple to use – wet face with warm water, then massage a few drops into beard. Shave as usual. Can be used under shave cream for a more sensorial shave.

Tom Ford for Men Exfoliating Energy Scrub

Tom Ford for Men Exfoliating Energy Scrub is specially-formulated for normal to oily skin. This Energizing Scrub contains crushed apricot seeds to help remove dead skin cells and unclog pores for clean and polished-looking skin. The formulation features the Tom Ford for Men Skin Calming Complex and Tom Ford Purifying Complex. To use, apply to a wet face and neck with fingertips and massage in using a circular motion. Rinse.

The Tom Ford for Men Grooming Collection is available at selected David Jones stores, Harrolds Luxury Boutiques and online at



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