Kilian, Perfume as an Art.

It’s not easily handled or afforded, it requires its owner to be sure footed...


Before the painting, came the paint. Before the film, the script. Everything has an origin. Everything has a starting point. 

Including you. We all write our own precursor to the future, we control our impressions. It may be time for you to launch yourself forward once more. A new journey. No New Years resolution. Put simply, a gift to lift your identity. 

Kilian Perfume. Perfume that’s beginning was different to all others. Coming from a long line of illustrious cognac manufactures, Kilian Hennessy deliberately chose to look at perfume as an art. More than just a scent or a fragrance, this elite range of top tier Eau de Parfums has a distinct personality that embodies the perfect alliance between elegance and uncompromising hyper luxury. 


Luxury, whilst it brings happiness, is not meant to be short lived. These fragrances are built to last. Built to capture the attention of those most important, not in the interim, but in the permanent. An investment in the future, a reflection of self assurance. Wether in a gust, a mist or a deep breath Kilian is built to capture and hold its audience. Not over bearing or over powerful, Kilian is the perfect equilibrium, the perfect recipe.  

With striking gold and silver details, serpents wrap themselves around the box. Elegant, fierce and distinguishable, the very qualities the kind of man that would be capable of wearing Kilian. At this price point it is clear this isn’t for everyone. It’s not easily handled or afforded, it requires its owner to be sure footed. Perhaps this Christmas you can give the gift of position, of power, to an individual worthy or to your discerning self.

After 11 long years on the international circuit this brand is finally within reach. Executing success amongst house hold names like Le Labo Fragrances or Tom Ford is no easy feat and yet Kilian is there side by side with the best in the perfume business. Not to be taken lightly, Kilian is a dutifully weighed up and evaluated purchase, one that will not be soon forgotten nor unappreciated, even if its for oneself. 

This article is written in collaboration with Kilian.