Politix After Dark – Menswear Having A Crack

To launch their AW19 range Politix have built an amazing speakeasy in Newtown

There’s always been something mystical and mysterious behind the Laundromat. Every suburb seems to have one that never shuts, with machines whirling and fluorescent lights buzzing until the early morning. Is it all that it seems or is there a dark presence lurking behind closed doors. 

There is one such Laundromat in Newtown Sydney that sparks this questions more then most. Behind an an unassuming neon light dry cleaners lies an exclusive, invite-only pop up space custom built by leading Australian menswear retailer Politix. 

Inspired by Politix’s recent AW19 campaign shoot, the space, inclusive of a pool hall, bar and comedy club reflect the signature colour palette of the brand but also the polished touches, the immense detail and awe inspiring finishes of a Politix suit. It’s a sight to be seen, showered in red leather and red neon the space dazzles even the highest of standards. 

The adventure named, ‘After Dark’, is synonymous with the fun that is had behind the curtain, a secret space where secrets are made. You need to be in the know, to know about what lies behind the racks of dry cleaned suits. 

Wether your fun be had in a Burnt Orange Negroni over a round of pool. Or upstairs, sipping on a Absolute Martini whilst being treated to live stand-up comedy, Politix have you covered. Drink sponsors such as Brown Brothers, Young Henry’s and Absolute will keep a beverage in your hand and DJ Jesabel will keep a rhythm in your step. 

Alas, the party isn’t the be all and end all, Politix is working with the Movember foundation. On the 8th of May the Movember guys held an event to mark the date, to catch up with a mate. Their aim to raise awareness on ‘checking in’ with your friends. To pioneer the all so important conversation between men on mutual mental health support. We were so excited by this initiative that we gave away 4 free passes to the Movember event. With the everything going on in the world at the moment men need to raise the bar and we all know that you can’t truly do for others what you can’t do for yourself. So it’s time to love and care for ourselves so we can in turn care for others.

Politix has truly launched their Autumn Winter 2019 campaign in style, a wholesome brand that is leaving a remarkable impression on Australia.