He Bought A Jeep: Tim Robards

He won the heart of Anna Heinrich (and most of the female population), but the other 'woman' that ex-Bachelor Tim Robards holds a soft spot for has four wheels and a whole lotta engine power...

The sports chiropractor and fitness guru has a love of all things adventure and freedom, qualities that go hand in hand with Jeep.  Buying his first model back in 2009, “I’ve always loved Jeep.. it’s just about getting out and seeing what’s around you.”

Rough and rugged, both man and vehicle, the Jeep/Robards romance is an easy fit, “I thought it was a little bit like myself you know… big and strong and tough,” we think so too you heart-throb (wink).

Recently announced as a Jeep ambassador, we got in the passenger seat with Robards and took the Grand Cherokee SRT for a spin. Don’t be jealous gents…

Georgia Dunlop
A Sydneysider turned Melbournian, Georgia is a long time food enthusiast, wanderluster, whisky lover and piccolo drinker. As a Fashion and Textile Design graduate, Georgia values most a killer outfit, a beautiful space, delicious seasonal food and great company.