Capture Life in Limited Edition Style

We hit Queenstown, New Zealand with the new GoPro HERO7 Black in Dusk White


In a first, GoPro has released a special colour way of its flagship camera. The HERO7 Black packs a serious punch with features HyperSmooth, TimeWarp Video, SuperPhoto and now it comes in a limited-edition style. To celebrate and put to the test the new Dusk White GoPro HERO7 we jumped on a plane to our near by neighbour, N to the Z. Touching down in Queenstown we had a couple of jam packed few days ahead, no rest for the wicked. 

Heading for the horizon we arrived at Skyline. Gondola ride up the mountain to find the most incredible view of Queenstown. It was beginning to feel like a trip with many, ‘it can’t get better then this’ moments. In order to test the worlds most versatile action camera we needed to do more than just stare at the view like a turtle. That just wasn’t going to cut it. To the Luge we go. Luge? You say. We didn’t know what it was until we sat down and drove one like the wind. They are basically like a go-kart sort of thing. Push to go, pull to stop type situation. Starting with the scenic route we were keen to get our Daniel Ricciardo on and take to the experienced track. Tied out, we headed to Stratosfare for a well deserved, or so we thought, dinner. Then back to the Rees Luxury Lakeside Apartments to fall heavily into bed. Day one complete. 

Taken on GoPro HERO 7 Black in Dusk White

What better way to start the day than with a helicopter tour of Milford Sound. Thanks to Alpine Adventures we took off and before long we were soaring high above one of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to show for. Dangerous, untouched, astonishing, it was hard to remember to press record because the view as so mesmerising. As if a mirage, we swear we could see Aragorn and Gimli trekking the mountain tops. An experience that one will not forget and with the 4k HyperSmooth footage we’ll relive it for many years to come. Despite the incredible view we also needed to really give the latest release GoPro a hammering and so we headed to Canyoning Queenstown. Dressed up like Scuba Steve we abseiled and zip lined our way into the middle of no where to jump off cliffs and dive through water. Despite our own reservations, there was’t time to think about it and at least we can look back at it and see what we achieved. Safe to say that the GoPro HERO7 was definitely the toughest thing on this trip. Another day another exhausted couple of city slickers trying to be adventurous. Off to Botswana Butchery for dinner follow by a couple of social drinks at Cowboys, riding the mechanic bull was only half the fun. 

Just incase we had a inch of courage left we were taken to a platform, strapped into a harness and told to take a leap of faith. With GoPro recording our fall we were relieved to come out the other side, Bungee jumping isn’t something you do everyday, to be honest it isn’t something we think we’d rush to do again. It is exhilarating we’ll give you that and even hanging upside down Queenstown looks fresh. Back down the Gondola we went, the final time we’d witness this city in all it’s glory. Whisked back to the airport it was time to say goodbye, to adventures and experiences we weren’t likely to experience again soon. What a trip. 

To capture life. To capture experience in real time. To stream live in HD. Your eye’s become the worlds eyes. “With HyperSmooth video stabilisation, HERO7 Black is a camera anyone can use to capture amazingly smooth, professional looking shots of their favourite activities. And they can do it live.”  said GoPro founder, Nick Woodman. And now you can get it in Dusk White, available around the world beginning March 3.