Are You Man Enough?

Pick who you want to be today with the new Zegna fragrance collection, Elements Of Man.

Zegna Elements Of Man

A tribute to the masculine, Ermenegildo Zegna has released a new line of carefully curated fragrances for the unique blend inside every man.

Men are complex beings (cough, cough)… maybe not as complicated as women, but The Elements of Man collection allows you to match your scent to your mood and energy. Made up of five unique scents, inspired by the essential facets of a man, it’s your personality(ies) in a bottle:

Zegna Elements Of Man Integrity

Integrity: Mind and Matter

An evocative fragrance. With a contrasting aroma of herbal sage blended with fine spices with notes of amber and african geranium. It is calming and balanced, potent yet gentle.

Wisdom: Sophistication and Clarity

An enlightened fragrance. With lively citrus scent, it has bright notes of italian mandarin and winter lemon, a hint of coriander leaves with french lavender and abstract neroli branches creating notes of steely musk. An exotic energy for the warmer months.

Passion: Intoxicating and Invigorating

An exhilirating fragrance. A sensuous combination of olibanum, deepened by the spirited notes of rich rum and smooth cognac warmed over a steady flame. Hints of exotic saffron and sumptuous amber creating a smooth and fiery scent.

Strength: Vigor and Force

A powerful fragrance. It fuses the tenacity of tobacco leaves with rich gourmand notes. Golden honey, ripe apricot and the intensity of agar wood create a beautifully strong and musky scent.

Talent: Artful and Purposeful

An artful fragrance. It displays the crisp invigoration of asian yuzu freshened by bright sichuan pepper and bergamot, the purposeful smokiness of black tea with hints of patchouli and cedar wood. A scent embodying the creative with a touch of the Oriental.

Elements of Man is sold exclusively at Ermenegildo Zegna boutiques.

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