5 Minutes With Kris Smith

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]We sit down for 5 minutes with Clinique For Men Ambassador Kris Smith to get all his beauty tips and skincare secrets… [/emphasized]

TTM: How did your relationship with skin care and grooming start?

KS: It was all because of a beautiful girl working behind a Clinique counter in Manchester many, many years ago… what can I say, I’m sucker for a cute smile.

TTM: What is your skincare routine?

KS: This is top secret information right here, also probably more extensive than a lot of women… but I have a twice a day routine, that consists of face wash, toner, eye gel and a moisturiser.

TTM: Why is Clinique your first choice of product to use?

KS: I’ve used many other brands in my time, but I’ve never felt my face the way it feels when I use Clinique, so fresh and healthy. The products don’t feel strong or perfumed, they are unfussy, unconfusing, they just do what they say and they feel good.

TTM: You’re on and off planes all the time, do you have a travel essentials kit, if so what’s in it?

KS: I fly a lot, and the key for me is a hydrating moisturiser and some anti-ageing eye cream. There is nothing worse than getting off the plane and feeling dry and clogged. Before landing I’ll always try and either face wipe or cleanse, and then moisturise. It really makes all the difference to prevent the post-flight “wrecked” look.

TTM: What’s the one product from the Clinique range that you can’t live without and why?

KS: Would have to be the moisturiser with SPF, the sun in Australia as we know is very harsh, so the better the spf the better the chances. I would like my mug to stay looking as young as possible for as long as possible!

TTM: From your rugby days till now, have you seen a change in the perception of men using skincare?

KS: For sure, you should see the amount of skincare products in the change rooms now! It used to just be a bar of soap and that was it. Men have become much more open about beauty and now take pride in their skin, as they should. For young guys playing sport, they are way more in the public eye than before. They now have to have social media presence so are more conscious of how they look. I also think brands like Clinique launching all male skincare ranges has expanded the idea of men’s beauty enormously. Personally, I have seen a huge change in my skin over the years, my regime is constant and I honestly see the difference.

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Dalton Graham
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