Agostinis: A Taste of Italy in the Nation’s Capital

Canberra’s little Italian gem continues to impress and conquer the hungry bellies of locals and tourists alike, as ‘Agostinis’ brings with it the heart of Friuli Venezia (Italy’s North) to Canberra in a refreshing and tantalising way never seen before.

Agostinis, a restaurant creation of siblings Dan and Dion Bisa, represents the latest addition to the Bisa family history of ‘happening’ venues, offering a nod to simple Italian food that many Italo-Australian families are all to familiar with.

Situated in the affluent suburb of Kingston in Canberra’s ‘Inner South’, Agostinis is attached to the popular ‘East Hotel’, owned and run by the Bisa family.

With the new restaurant comes a relaxed and sophisticated environment, offering a touch of playfulness and ultimately, an inviting Italian dining experience that rivals some of the best in the country.

The interiors are cleverly designed and customised by renowned Interior Designer, Kelly Ross, who has created an environment that pays homage to the Bisa family’s Italian heritage. From the leopard print booths (a favourite print of Dan Bisa’s mum) to the spaghetti (wool) hanging from the ceiling, your eye is immediately enticed by the room’s quirky yet stylish decor; Agostinis is truly an experience of all the senses.

At the helm of the 15-chef kitchen is good friend of the Bisa’s, and renowned chef Franceso Balestrieri. Francesco, or “Frankie”, offers a vital exuberance of style and pure love of authentic Italian cooking that has seen Agostinis ‘little brother’, Joe’s Bar, become one of Canberra’s most frequented hang outs.

“Agostinis will bring something different to Canberra; the Italian food is of the best quality, featuring only the best produce, sourced both locally and from Italy,” Balestrieri said.

“The menu at Agostinis features traditional Italian dishes that Dan and his family grew up with, that range from dishes of the North to the South of Italy, and anywhere in between.”

Pasta is freshly made to order in-house, pizzas are created using a special Neapolitan artisan technique where the pizza dough naturally rises for 72 hours before going into the state-of-the-art rotating Marana Forni pizza oven (one of 40 ovens in Australia), and the produce is completely fresh; Veneto salame, San Daniele prosciutto, Black Pepper Mortadella, Treccia mozzarella, olives & sourdough. This is the closest to Italy you can possibly get.

But what may be the signature dish of the Italian chef, you ask?

“Tonnarelli alla Bottarga, which is a beautiful square pasta. It is so fresh, and I add some parmeggiano and chilli; it is simply beautiful,” Balestrieri explains.

And what compliments (Italian) food better than a carefully selected bottle of vino!

“The carefully curated wine list at Agostinis has been designed not to overwhelm, but to provide the best Italian wine experience possible with a balanced array of varietals from all over Italy, alongside a few Australian favourites, including Beppo’s Blend, a blend of Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Barbera,” Dan Bisa explains.

“We also have wine ‘TAP’ system that guarantees freshness and pitch-perfect flavour available immediately as Pinot Grigio, Rosé or Sangiovese.

For a truly authentic Italian dining experience in the nation’s capital, Agostinis is truly where it’s at. Come to explore a truly unique Italian experience and leave with heavy hearts but full stomachs!

For more information and to book your seat at Agostinis, please visit the website HERE.

Agostinis is at East Hotel, 69 Canberra Avenue, Kingston.