Silent Comedy Festival At Arbory

Laugh out loud in a silent crowd.

Our favourite Yarra-side venue, Arbory Bar & Eatery, is hosting the second year of its Silent Comedy Festival: a new way of experiencing comedy, embracing headphones and human ridiculousness.

Inspired by the silent disco phenomenon, the performer’s microphone is connected to headphones worn by the audience. Watch an audience spontaneously breaking out into fits of laughter in response to what seems like nothing at all and passers-by wondering why.

Pop on your headphones, and only you and a bunch of other strangers in headphones can hear the filth and hilarity from a cracking line-up of comedians.

Held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for the duration of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, tickets include a beverage, 4 comedians, a set of headphones and a whole lotta LOLS.

Get your tickets here.

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