Winter Survival Guide

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]It was as if it were yesterday that we were compiling our list of summer essentials, and we’re hoping that we did not lead you astray with our selections for that perfect, stylish summer of fun.[/emphasized]

But unfortunately (or fortunately for you winter aficionados) the time has now come where the cooler months are setting in, days seem to drag on, you leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark….WINTER is here.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the fashion-forward man. No, many relish in the months to come. Some of fashion’s best designs are created for the cold, and the possibilities of stylish outfits that can be curated are endless.

So, after careful selection, here is our curated list of winter essentials for the Fall’16 season.


The classic pea coat that has survived the ages, bearing the backs of European sailors to U.S. Naval officers. This timeless piece is definitely an item to invest in, as it can be worn casual over a pair of jeans or chinos, or for a more formal approach, with a pair of slacks over a nice knit.

Uniqlo offer a coat that is an amazingly lightweight wool material, with padded quilted lining thats adds even more softness and warmth. Featuring a wide double-breasted collar, anchor designs on buttons and double piped pockets.

This stylish yet rugged coat is a must-have for the winter season. RRP: $199.00.


Mr. Porter’s exclusive brand ‘Kingsman’ has launched its Season Four collection readily available on the Mr. Porter website. Beginning as a partnership between Mr. Porter and director Matthew Vaughn for inspiration in his film Kingsman: The Secret Service, the bespoke menswear label offers everything from tailored staple items to eyewear.

Each collection is carefully curated with British luxury in mind, and over 60 new pieces are now available for its fourth season. Our picks: the Grey Slim-Fit Herringbone Wool Blazer (RRP $2030.00), the Tuck-Stitch Linen Sweater (RRP $560.00) and the Swaine Adeney Brigg Chestnut Wood-Handle Umbrella. RRP: $500.00


Steve Calder is a Melbourne-based designer with over 10-years experience in menswear and suiting. Having found a niche in the Australian market for quality, tailored, italian-style suiting, Calder creates traditional tailoring aesthetics in Melbourne with a contemporary stylish twist. With a ‘Made-To-Measure’ service on offer, Calder focuses on Southern Italian style, which sees the materials and fabrics sourced from Italy, partnering with a Neapolitan “Sartoria” (workshop). The Neapolitan style is lightweight, sporty and comfortable.
So, if you are looking for that special coat that you simply cannot find anywhere, or you are endeavouring to improve your sartorial game with a touch of ‘sprezzatura’, a chat with Calder should definitely be on your radar. Prices start at $599 for trousers, $1199 for sports coats and $1799 for a suit. All garments are hand finished by artisans in Naples. To make a booking with Steve, please email


French ready-to-wear brand A.P.C. have dazzled us this season with their Italian suede calfskin jacket “The Ferris”. Offering a beautifully finished garment that will see you through to the Summer, this jacket can be worn dressier with a pair of chinos and a shirt, or more casual with a simple plain t-shirt and jeans. Available in 3 colours, dark blue, dark brown, or camel. RRP: $1,395.00


The quintessential leather biker jacket, worn on the backs of greats throughout the ages (Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley to Ryan Gosling and David Beckham), this is a timeless, staple item that will improve with age; a perfect companion. Pricey, yet a complete investment, this look can be dressed up or worn casually with a white tee, jeans and Converse sneakers.

Our pick: The Gibson Leather Biker Jacket. A minimalist jacket crafted from soft black leather and panelled with tonal suede for a textural contrast. RRP: $1832.00
Acne Studios



A perfect accompaniment for your winter escapades, the vest paired with a sweater or knit, with jeans or chinos is perfect in keeping you warm, but adds an extra touch of style for that overall completed look. Patagonia offer a 600-fill Duck down vest, which are made of durable nylon-canvas that is water and wind resistant. *Note, the down from the vest can be traced back to birds that were never force-fed or live-plucked. RRP: $239.95



Known for their contemporary spin on utilitarian workwear, Folk shirts offer beautiful neutral/earthy tones which act as a great base for layering this winter season. Crafted from lightweight cotton-twill and rendered in a versatile beige hue, the lightweight fabric creates a rugged and relaxed feel. Complete the minimalist appeal with dark chinos/jeans and sneakers. RRP: $155.00
MR. Porter 



Australian menswear and Made-To-Measure experts ‘Hermen’ offer a luxurious Merino wool turtleneck which is sure to keep you warm on those chilly days and nights. Carefully constructed, the ribbed collar will make the perfect “roll” to the height that you want.

Cut from a soft, luxurious Merino wool, the superfine Merino is knitted to shape with a stocking stitch and linked by hand. RRP: $89.00



It can sometimes be difficult to find that perfect pair of denim jeans. It’s something that you know you will have to spend some cash on in return for the investment, but you would hope that they last you for at least, bare minimum, two years. In comes Cheap Monday. For $90 or less, you will be able to pick out a well-fitted pair of jeans that will see you through many winters to come. Minimal yet stylish, our light-denim pair purchased in the winter of 2012 is testament to the durability of these jeans.
Cheap Monday



M.J. Bale continue to prove excellent clothiers of not only suiting and tailored menswear garments, but have also created a stylish casual menswear range in their ‘MJB’ collection. For us, the chinos are great. Fitted with a great silhouette and stylish colours that will see you through the casual days to the formal nights. Dress up/dress down. The ball is in your court. Our favourites are the Fox Sand Chinos and the Fox Steel Chinos. RRP: $129.95
MJ Bale
MJ Bale Chino


This winter, it is sure time to trade in those running shorts for the long compression tights (disclaimer…do wear shorts over the top of them… please). The JAGGAD Long Compression Tights are crafted out of an Italian fabric and tightly spun to maximise comfort & aid performance and recovery. The superior compression qualities guarantee muscle control, assist with muscle recovery and keep you cool and dry whilst you workout. RRP: $169.95
Jaggad Compression


Keep on track this winter with a pair of functional yet fashionable boots that will keep you grounded just as much on road as they will off road, for all your winter shenanigans. Our pick is the English-made Fred Brogue boot in calf-grain leather with a commando sole for outdoor use. RRP: $475.00


It has been a busy year for this British-born now bonafide Aussie, with Christian Kimber releasing his newest range of sneakers and shoes: the ‘Federation Square’ collection, and his second collaboration with Antonio Ciongoli of ‘Eidos Napoli’, named “La Casetta in Sabbia: Season 2”. Also, Kimber is about to open his first-ever Flagship store on Johnston Street, Fitzroy, offering all the latest in his collection of shoes, clothing and accessories for the everyday modern man.

The much anticipated Federation Square Collection is inspired by just that, Fed Square and its precinct in Melbourne. The collection represents Melbourne and Kimber’s life here in Australia. Our favourite from the newest range is the Siglo Low Top in Charcoal/Indigo (RRP: $495.00). The Siglo is named after a famous rooftop bar in Melbourne and represents an urban lifestyle. Crafted in Italy near Florence, all Kimber sneakers are made from the softest Italian leathers and suede, all of which are literally hand-cut.
Christian Kimber

Christian Kimber



Stay ahead of the trends this winter with a pair of Italian, handmade sunglasses by local legends Oblyk.

With their collections handmade in Cadore, Italy, a beautiful town in the Northern Italian mountains, Oblyk provide a quality product at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for most sunglasses of this calibre. And what is even better, is that there is an artisan history in the production of these sunnies; from the beautiful Italian components such as Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate down to the 100% pure Italian leather pouch that your sunglasses are presented in.

A definite investment into upgrading your style game, our favourites are the Miro Turquoise in Matte and the Horizons Lido Matte. RRP from $159.00.


TUDOR: Black Bay Bronze

Tudor, the ever-present little brother of Rolex, continues to be an unstoppable force in the world of watchmaking this season. Delivering watches that stand alone in the market and watches that consumers actively choose but don’t necessarily ‘settle for’.

For 2016, Tudor have released the Black Bay Dark and Black Bay Bronze models, both to a very warm reception from the watch world at large.

Our pick from the collection is the Black Bay Bronze, which is yet another stunning piece from the Swiss powerhouse. For the first time, the Rolex family has experimented with a bronze case for one of their watches, and to great effect. The Bronze Bay (rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it?) is a slightly larger affair than the Black Bay Dark, at 43mm, but also has the same in-house chronometer-certified movement as the Dark Bay. With a beautiful tobacco-brown dial and applied, gilt-edged markers, the Bronze Bay brings a decidedly vintage feel into a modern era. This is helped by the inclusion of Rolex Explorer-style 3-6-9 indices as well.

*Fun Fact: For those of you who aren’t familiar with bronze as a material for watches, its main attraction lies in the way it forms a unique patina as its owner puts it through the trials and tribulations of life on the wrist. In a sense, your watch will age and grow along with you. RRP: $4,750
Words by Sidd Padmanabhan of Bridge and Barrel.

TUDOR: Black Bay Bronze 


From the onset in 2011, Rains has created a Scandinavian-inspired collection of affordable and functional water-resistant items, from clothing to accessories, providing modern rainwear that will see you dry and comfortable all winter long.

There is nothing better than a winter getaway with loved ones (or in solitude), and with Rains, have the comfort in knowing that all your belongings will survive the tough elements your transit may experience. A true gem in the Rains travel bag, a take on the classic ‘weekender’ bag that is a perfect size for a quick trip away. The spacious bag features two waterproof zippers to ensure water resistance and a canvas bottom for tough terrain, this bag makes it easy to carry over the shoulder and is perfect for an outdoor lifestyle. RRP: $169.99



The legends down at Rokk Man Barbers are consistently creating ‘waves’ amongst the Melbourne Barber scene, with their killer fades and unique barbering techniques. But they are now stepping up their game with the opening of their new flagship store in Toorak Village. Headed by Ben Kane, Rokk Man Barbers in Torrak offers a quaint, relaxed setting with a contemporary barber-styled interior accompanied by upbeat tunes to subside those winter blues. Keep those locks in check this winter with a visit to Rokk Man Barbers.
446 Toorak Rd, Toorak.

Rokk Mann Barbers


Make your one-stop shop of all things grooming with Triumph & Disaster this winter, as these seriously cool legends have created a range that is so practical and effective that you will harness a routine in no time.

Our favourites are the Gameface Moisturiser, a “tool” that will serve and protect you against all of the elements that you may face this season. Engineered to act light on the skin and to be easily absorbed, Gameface is a unique formulation of Jojoba extract, Horopito oil, Ponga fern (Cumungii) and Vitamin E, combined with a subtle infusion of essential oils to deliver a unique ‘smoke and wood’ fragrance. RRP:$49.50

To control the mop this winter, try Coltrane Clay, a seriously amazing white clay/beeswax formula designed to create a matte, firm, healthy wave that is flexible to change throughout your day. You’ll see some of the best barbers in Melbourne using this clay this winter! RRP $34.00

To hold all your grooming essentials, try the ‘Frank The Dopp’ kit, a take on the classic toiletry bag, made from genuine leather and synthetic water-resistant interior. RRP $135.00.
Triumph & Disaster




Tom Ford Noir. With the cold weather comes a change of scent, deep oriental notes like Tom Ford’s Noir are now the go-to option over your summery lights and fresh notes. The deep scent of burnt wood and a hint of spice are the perfect accessory to your daily winter routine. RRP: $150.00-$195.00
David Jones

Tom Ford Noir

So there you have it! We hope our list of winter essentials lend a helping hand in keeping you stylish, warm and comfortable this long winter that is well and truly upon us. For any further details on items or questions you may have, don’t be afraid to drop us a line at