The Myer Man’s Weekend: Part 1

Your week has dragged on, leaving you in a void of hopelessness with no end in sight BUT those Friday night ‘Happy Hour’ drinks at your local.

Although a little melodramatic, you often find that the most excitement in your week comes from the anticipation of the first sip of that beer (or wine), but it’s important not to throw away your dignity.

Dressing for after-work drinks is extremely important, as gone are the days of ripping off the tie and rocking up with those un-tailored pants and oversized suit jacket (no offence).

The transition from office to after work drinks, especially in the cooler months, should see a heavy focus on layering.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a great head start to the weekend that awaits you:


A tailored pair of pants is a necessity as the foundation for a great outfit. You can’t go wrong with a pair of chinos. Opt for a colour that is neutral to the top half; navy, sand or stone are always a hit. Make sure your chinos are slim but don’t accentuate parts that shouldn’t be accentuated. The pant should fall just above your shoelace; “kissing” your shoelaces as it is known (keep the roll for your jeans, fellas).


Generally, for a more casual-Friday look, a buttoned-down collar shirt works a treat. With a layered knit on top, you can find your collar popping up all over the place, but with a buttoned-down collar, there will be little to no aggravation on your behalf. Find a shirt that not only offers a flattering silhouette, but a shirt that is your correct size!


Pulling together a thought-out, simple yet statement knit over the already established pant and shirt combo is extremely important. Think neutral colours like grey, navy or black. Neck shapes are of preference, however you can’t go wrong with a simple crew neck cable knit.


Your choice in either a blazer or coat is an absolute essential in tying your overall look together. You also want to invest in that ‘statement’ piece that will see you throughout many winters to come. A royal navy trench coat is a great option. Not only has it stood the test in time, but it feels light on, but packs in the warmth for those cooler months.
The above is a simple guide to follow when layering for the cooler months this year, but is also a great alternative for Friday office going into after-work drinks; cool, sophisticated and elegant.

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