Authentic Japanese Dining by Toko Melbourne

Melbourne is renowned as arguably one of the most diverse restaurant contingencies in the world, boasting a cultured food scene that rivals any city that comes to mind.

With this ‘cultured scene’ has seen the rise of Japanese flair hitting the streets. Considering so, the common questions we are faced with tend to be “where can I get a truly authentic (Japanese) dining experience?”

The answer, gents, is Toko Melbourne.

The global Japanese chain ‘Toko Group’ opened its Melbourne doors a little under six months ago and has already become an eating destination amongst the busy Chapel St precinct.

Fortunately, we were able to indulge our taste buds with what we feel to have been one of the truest Japanese eating experiences in Melbourne.

Our dining experience started with a selective whisky tasting of some of the worlds most sought after Japanese drops. Venue manager Benito, whose knowledge and excitement of the finer details of Japanese whisky leaves you salivating at the mouth, led the tasting.

Our pick of the lot was the ChiChiBu ChiBiDaru number 1160 of 4000 bottles in the world; the beautiful peaty-smokey flavours were amazing.


We then sat down for lunch in the beautiful outdoor terrace to treat ourselves to a selection of dishes, some new to the menu, some Toko staples. Amongst the selections, we favoured the steak/meat connoisseur; the Wagyu a sure highlight of the dishes on offer.

Those who know what Wagyu is or have tried to cook it themselves can understand that if it is not cooked to perfection it can become a little grizzly due to the marble through the meat. On this occasion, it was cooked to perfection with a true ‘melt in your mouth’ experience.


The attention to detail on every dish and every aspect of Toko Melbourne is not done justice by the handful of photos we have for you here. So, if it is just for your next lunch stop or even your next dinner date, make sure Toko Melbourne is on the list.

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Dalton Graham
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