The Craft & Co: Melbourne’s Hidden Gem

Tucked away on the corner of bustling Smith Street in Melbourne, is the cleverly unique and invitingly warm ‘The Craft and Co’, a multi-functional establishment incorporating an eatery, cafe, bar, micro-brewery, distillery, winery, fromagerie, meat room, coffee roaster & store; that’s a mouthful!

But lo and behold, there is simply something for everybody at The Craft & Co and it’s in the heart of our great city.

Here’s what you need to know:



Eat and Drink

The Craft & Co serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week, and dinner from Thursday to Saturday. The menus reflect an overarching desire of supporting Australian producers and you will find that all produce used to create your delicious dish is sourced as locally as possible.

The Craft & Co also create their own cheese, salumi, preserves and sausages onsite, and breads and cheese crackers are created with spent grain and ‘wort’ derived from the in-home micro-brewery… now that’s impressive!

Get a taste HERE



The Farm

Unique in its own right, The Craft & Co have quite cleverly created a little weekend haven for locals and tourists alike with the creation of ‘The Farm’. With a 40 acre vineyard, cafe and cellar door, this makes for the perfect location for families and couples to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings over a pizza and a glass of wine. There is live music every weekend, friendly smiles and a great ambiance for all involved.

Launching soon will be unique ‘foodie’ events onsite, so be sure to keep an eye out on the homepage for more details shortly….




The Store

A big advocator for local artisans, craft makers and producers in the area, The Craft & Co host their in-house deli, bottle shop and provedore, offering a great selection of cheeses, meats, condiments, homewares, pantry staples, beer, wine & spirits, all fresh and ready to eat or take home.

With a trip to The Craft & Co, the opportunities to enrich yourself with knowledge of artisanal crafts is endless. Explore the latest craft gin, salami or homemade sauce that has been sourced from as close as Collingwood to as far as Western Australia, and chat to the knowledgeable staff to learn about new products, makers (and shakers) and producers.



Classes and Events

There is an abundance of classes and events available to the public, hosted at The Craft & Co each and every month. From Pasta making to Cider Brewing, there is a class for the young and old to experience, taste and explore.

Pasta Making

This is as good as it sounds; learn the inside secrets (the Italian secrets, that is) to making your own pasta, which is easier as it sounds. And at the end of the class, your pasta will be cooked by the team of chefs downstairs for you to enjoy over a glass of wine. Doesn’t that just sound great?

The class will be held by an industry professional and is easily demonstrated through a step-by-step process, suitable for beginners to self-professed pasta aficionados. You will walk away with a knowledge of the required equipment, correct measurements of ingredients and the specific ‘Italian touch’ needed for great home-made pasta every time.




Salami Making

Unless you come from an Italian background, Salumi making (or Salami making for you Aussies) is something that isn’t even thought about, let alone attempted to create.

But for those who crave a good, quality Salumi (be it Cacciatore or even Sopressa),The Craft Co have you covered, as they take you through the steps of learning how to make traditional Salami. With an informative and detailed demonstration held by collaborative expert meat smiths, classes will cover how to make salami and fresh sausages, and will also discuss the vast varieties that can be produced by slightly altering methods. Take home an information booklet of what is covered on the day and have a go at making it yourself at home!

And if that doesn’t sound good enough, most will have built up an appetite, so the fresh sausages you make that very evening will be cooked up and served to you on a plate with a paired wine or beer selected by the expert meatsmith.




Other classes include Limoncello making, brewing for beginners, Cheese making and cider making.

Click HERE for all event information.


So, there you have it! Although a versatile establishment offering so much to patrons and locals, we consider The Craft & Co a true hidden gem of Melbourne. With the freshest of produce either sourced locally or made in-house, an on-site brewery and an accompanying winery for patrons to explore on the weekend, The Craft & Co really has it all.

And if you still don’t believe us, well then you will just have to explore for yourself.

The Craft & Co  

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