Freshen Up your Style Game with Saibu no Akuma

There’s word on the street of four ridiculously cool yet respectable gents (in their own right) creating some magic off one of Melbourne’s most iconic streets.

Saibu no Akuma, which is Japanese for “Devils in the Details”, is a lifestyle brand that is inspired by modern menswear and streetwear, running a small workshop on Rankins Lane off Little Bourke Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

With a philosophy of concentrating on the details and ‘perfection’ of each garment made, the gents at Saibu are applying this mindset and shaking up the local scene…for good.

Geoff Lee is one of the founders and head tailor/creative minds at Saibu no Akuma, with a wealth of knowledge of tailoring and menswear, having worked closely with Aquila prior to starting Saibu no Akuma.

“We wanted to inspire a generation through our ethos, which is based on our three major pillars – Creativity, Imagination and Interaction – as we felt these aspects, which can be applied in almost any industry, but particularly menswear, diminishing in our modern society,” Lee said.

“Our aim is to challenge the status quo and to not create your typical traditional tailoring house or tailoring brand.”

Starting off as a business that made custom-made shirts, Saibu progressed to made-to-measure suiting to meet the needs of their rapidly growing list of clientele.

Through extensive research, trial and error and a bit of luck, Saibu are proud to offer their services in made-to-measure suiting and shirts using a mixture of Italian pure wool fabrics, linens, Italian cottons and seersucker – adding a touch of flair to an art from long ago.

“We do not represent high-end fabric mills or provide that “Gentleman Club” vibe. Instead, we have created something that we believe represents us as creative individuals and have focused on a casual-invite yet professional service for anybody in need; we don’t discriminate.”

Providing made to measure services to suit any occasion or need, be it business, weddings or for pleasure, Saibu no Akuma can sort out the gent in need, with exceptional timings and the quality expected with such a service.

However, you may be reading this and have asked yourself “what is the difference between Saibu’s made-to-measure services as opposed to the abundance already available in the market”?

“Our point of difference is our experience, quality and style. We have created a space where our clients can hang out and have a chat without the mahogany wood, chesterfield chairs and the vibe of a wanky gentlemans club. The space we have created is for the modern man who can come grab affordable quality modern custom garments without the intimidation factor,” Lee explained.

“With every client, it’s a journey not a quick-fix pit stop. A lot of thought has gone into our customer focus points to ensure every aspect has substance and meaning behind it.”

And as for the trends for the A/W ’17 season upon us?

“We love a big wide lapel and soft to-no shoulder pads in our jackets, paired with a tee, tailored denim or chinos and some clean sneakers.”

For all information, and to experience first hand the quality and well-good vibes at Saibu no Akuma, head to Saibu no Akuma.

And for the month of May, head in to see the guys for an exclusive “Freshen Up promotional deal, where you will receive one custom suit, one custom shirt and one hand-picked tie for a grand. That’s bang for your buck!