Michael Klim: In the Spotlight

Just recently, we sat down with Olympic Gold Medalist and all round legend Michael Klim to get a glimpse of what his day-to-day routine looks like.

Coming up to his 40th birthday later this year, it feels as though it were yesterday that Australia was glued to their tellies watching the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and of course cheering on ‘Klimy’ as he took podium in that famous relay win.


TTM: Being focused daily is a huge part of your life. Where do you gain your mental clarity from daily?

MK: There are some things that I do religiously. Firstly, I go for a two kilometre swim twice a week to clear my head – it’s more meditative than anything. Exercise should be as much about mental health as physical.

When I was a swimmer, I had structured exercise and I couldn’t question myself. But these days, I can fall into a routine where I want to hit the snooze button and sleep in. When those periods happen, it’s important to still push yourself. I try to stay active every single day – from modified CrossFit to swimming, or going for a run.

TTM: Daily exercise is a part of your life, so what does your daily routine look like?

MK: Forty-five minutes a day, four times a week – that’s the base for my structured exercise. Then on top of that, there’s incidental exercise – like a walk on the beach at the weekend. It all adds up. A gym is one of my prerequisites in hotels when I’m travelling, but you can do so much without one – whether it’s running, using the stairs or circuit training. Just use your imagination.

I’m based between Bali and Australia so my lifestyle is pretty hectic. But the beauty of exercise is, the more you mix it up, the better the results. Some people like to do the same thing all the time but you don’t get fit that way. You need to start stressing the body through different methods – don’t be afraid of muscle soreness because it means something is happening to the cells and they’re getting stronger.

TTM: Clearly your diet is important to you… what do you usually have for the first meal of your day?

MK: My regular breakfast is smashed avocado on toast with two poached eggs. I eat as much protein as I can because it helps maintain metabolic rate and muscle mass. I like to snack quite a lot and we have our Milk Active Protein Bars and Protein Bombs, so I tend to eat them throughout the day, too. I also have a strong coffee and a banana and protein smoothie to wake me up and kick-start my day.

TTM: How do you live in moderation? 

MK: Like everyone, I can fall into bad habits – I’ll miss breakfast sometimes, and I like the occasional ice cream or chocolate. I also enjoy red wine and beer, but balance is key – whether it’s alcohol, or the good and bad foods you eat. With travel, it can also be hard to get into a routine, but really it’s about doing the best you can.

I need sleep and try to get in eight hours a night. It’s hard sometimes but I can fall asleep super easily. Now I have kids, I usually go to bed pretty early – between 9-10pm, and then I’m up at 5.45am. Some people think it’s heroic to get by on less sleep, but that’s when your body recovers, so it’s important to get it where possible.

TTM: And downtime? How do you relax and what activities do you love? 

MK: I always try to be more active. For instance when I am in Bali I love to surf. It is so relaxing even if you catch only five waves you are being energised by the water. I also do yoga two or three times a week. I practice mindfulness when doing yoga through body awareness and just switching off. Being aware of my breathing is all important to achieve relative balance in my life. I also love being active with my kids.

TTM: You have three beautiful children. How do you love spending time together? 

MK: We absolutely love going on road trips together on the weekend; it’s when we bond and have fun. Recently, I have been doing swimming lessons with my kids. I really want them to be good at swimming. Swimming lessons is something I can share with them and clearly I am passionate about it. I also surf together with my kids in Bali. My favourite place to surf is Jimbaran Bay. 

I also love taking my kids out to dinner and my favourite spots in Bali are – Slippery Stone, Da Maria, Jemme Restaurant for a Sunday roast; that is a regular ritual!

TTM: What is your mantra in life that you live by daily? 

MK: I like to live in the moment, and I have a tendency to see things as they happen. I am pragmatic and I am very black and white in my approach to life. I live my life to the fullest and enjoy my children’s company and can’t imagine life without them.

TTM: What is your ultimate/favourite destination in the world?

MK: I adore Bali. I also travel a lot, I love Rio De Janeiro, it has amazing energy. Sumba one hour from Bali is incredibly surreal. I am in awe of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. For my 40th birthday party this year, I will be going to Italy (Tuscany, Capri, Positano) and sailing around Croatia with great friends.


We at The Tailored Man thank Michael Klim for giving up his time to chat with us. We are excited to announce that you’ll be seeing a lot more of him throughout our site, giving you an insight into his journey and also top tips across our lifestyle section as a special guest contributor.

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