Loch Lomond Lands in Australia: The Worlds Best Single Malt Scottish Distillery

One for the whisky lovers...

The internationally renown Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond have made their way to Australian shores.

Since 1832, the Glen Scotia Distillery has been producing the finest single malt and single grain whisky; a fine example of the Campbeltown style from sweet aromas to hints of salty sea breeze that will appeal to whisky connoisseurs.

Historically known as the ‘whisky capital of the world’, Campbeltown was once home to more than 30 distilleries. Now, Glen Scotia is just one of three surviving distilleries in the costal town.

Set on the shores of Loch Lomond, the distillery is one of Scotland’s largest privately held distilleries, producing both rare and fine single malt and blended whisky such as High Commissioner.

Group chief executive officer Collin Matthews introduced the award winning whisky, stating that the Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond ranges are a “true appreciation” of how whisky is developed with “authentic Scottish craftsmanship and dose of innovation.” Continuing on, Matthews explains how each whiskey has its own personality due to the expertise of Michael Henry the master blender who artfully balances the flavours of each barrel.

Collin’s expressed; “we are excited to show Australians the uniqueness of ourrange and how the Scotts enjoy a proper whisky”. Adding to that, Greg Lasscock (Sourcing Manager for Spirits) concluded that “we think our customers are going to really enjoy the new sophisticated drops from Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond”.

For the whisky connoisseurs, below are some tasting notes:

Victoriana Single Malt:

Clean and initially sweet. Then green bean, with cocoa characteristics.

15YO Single Malt

Rich colours. A complicated palate where the initial scent would lead you to expect plump fruits, but what you get is a firm and slightly dry finish.

Double Cask Single Malt

Amber. Very sweet. The water slightly dismantles the different elements, but adds a dried mint taste. Overall deep and dark.

For the first time, the two whisky ranges are now available through Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor and Liquorland.

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