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5 Incredible Tropical Brazilian Homes

Images by Fernando Guerra

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]We’re quickly approaching the games of the XXXI Olympiad, held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Without getting into the politics of the games, what better way to celebrate the host nation than by checking out a few idyllic Brazilian summer retreats that, let’s be honest, we will probably never get to stay at! [/emphasized]

Images by Fernando Guerra
The transperant ‘Redux House’

Casa Redux

Studio MK27

In the countryside outside of Sao Paolo, Studio MK27 has designed the modernist dream in a gated community called Quinta da Baroneza. While the house has been cleverly divided up into different ‘blocks’ for different uses, the one that has our attention is the living area. While the home sits at the edge of a protected rain forest, the incredible views from the living area’s expansive glass façade are sandwiched between a concrete floor and ceiling. The concrete slab sits half a meter off the ground, so from a distance the house almost floats as it cantilevers off the property and over the hillside.


Images by Fernando Guerra
The massive Casa Cubo

Casa Cubo

Isay Weinfeld

It’s every architects dream to design an art gallery, so when Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld was commissioned to design a home that would double as an art gallery, nothing else needed to be said. While the double height ground floor and folded steel bookcase are very slick, it’s impossible to ignore the feature of the home: the staircase. The spiral staircase is a twirling monolith of Brazilian ironwood, linking the massive lower level into a marvel of open plan design.


The eccentric Casa Arif Noor

Casa Arif Noor

Fabio Barreto – Nucleo Design Rio

Residing in the mountaintops of Joa in Rio, is the panoramic Casa Arif Noor. The 4 meter ceiling and large glass façade invites the exterior views into the interior of the home. However, while the sea views and scenic mountaintops are the obvious feature of the dwelling, you can’t help but notice the home’s eccentric interior. The metallic finishes, highly saturated colours and the fascinating collection of furniture, are a reflection of the client’s diverse curiosities while travelling the globe.


Image by Ruy Teixeira
Quite the touch life at Delta House

Delta House

Bernardes Arquitetura

If you hadn’t already noticed, Brazilians really love views of the beach from just about anywhere in their homes and Delta House is absolutely no exception to this rule. With just over an hours drive outside Sao Paulo, you can bet this place has a few views worth checking out. The timber slat facade wraps around the house to protect it from the bordering rain forest, while also offering shade from the beach which is less than 100 meters from the home.


Image by Nelson Kon
We don’t think the deck is large enough…

Paraty House

Studio MK27

Our good friends at Studio MK27 are back with a Brazilian vengeance. Another geometric marvel, the house resides on the secluded island of Paraty. Cantilevered 8 meters from a hillside, it can only be entered from a suspended bridge over the pool. The exposed concrete is juxtaposed by panels of eucalyptus and timber furniture, while stacked stone interior walls provide a secluded man-made retreat from the looming nature of the hillside. The poolside deck is almost comically large, and sets the scene of a golden beach surrounded by tropical palms, a magical view few will ever enjoy.

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