GONE VEGAN: How Morris Motley is Changing Men’s Grooming

It is well known that Morris Motley is a no-brainer when it comes to choice in a premium men’s hair cutting studio, as well as the go-to for all your hair care needs.

Based in Richmond, Melbourne, Morris Motley is headed by Rob Mason who has been revolutionising the men’s grooming scene since its inception.

However, Morris Motley is redefining its ethos and changing the way, for better, customers treat their hair.

Although not a vegan brand per se, Morris Motley are now officially pleased to announce that all their products are 100% free of animal bi-products.

Why is this important, you ask?

Well, by replacing raw animal materials with plant-based ingredients, they have reduced irritations and onset allergens that may have previously occurred with the use of their products. These reactions are what you may experience in a wide variety of products on the market today.

Firmly against animal testing, the change to adopt this process will see Morris Motley the first in its league to go vegan.

The idea came about when owner/head barber/creative genius (and anything in between), Rob Mason was developing the newest addition to the MM product family, ‘Chrome’.

“The concept behind our Vegan campaign came about when I was developing Chrome. Chrome was initially a yellow/tan colour, and I hated it,” Mason said.

“Bees wax, lanolin and keratin were replaced with refined alternatives that had no colour.”

What you then had was a truly unique product that is not only opaque white, but has the verification of ‘GONE VEGAN’!

“The general consensus is that men don’t care about haircare, so most brands use only the cheapest and most basic ingredients. The shampoos strip hair of its natural oils. The styling products cause scalp irritation –  It’s my goal to turn all that on its head with my formulations, which respect, mimic and nurture the unique biochemistry of the hair and scalp.”

It is evident that within the grooming/lifestyle market, brands are heading toward sustainable products and a healthier lifestyle. Choices  and taking the moral high ground, and Morris Motley has identified these desires and delivered.

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