Following Suit: Inside P.Johnson’s ‘Suit Shop’

What happens when you take Australia’s highest quality tailor, and combine his experience, knowledge and training with smart production that makes each garment a fraction of the price? You get Suit Shop.

Younger brother to cult favourite, P. Johnson Tailors, Suit Shop is designing made-to-order suits with excellence, service and affordability in mind.

There’s nothing quite like a guy in a perfectly fitting suit. And there’s nothing quite like the experience of having that suit made by a tailor who knows exactly what he’s doing. That’s why, here at TTM, we believe purchasing a bespoke suit is a right of passage for every man – enter, Suit Shop.

From top to toe, the gents at Suit Shop are passionate about making you look and feel your absolute best. With online shopping growing increasingly popular, the face-to-face, personalised service you receive at Suit Shop is a breath of fresh air. A fact that’s unsurprising, considering each tailor is trained by the master himself, Patrick Johnson, to deliver his namesake brand’s distinctive approach to suiting.

Suit ShopThese extremely well-dressed tailors are there to help guide you through over a million combinations of fabrics, linings, buttons and pockets. You can customise every aspect of your suit – from the length of your cuffs and the height of your collar, to the position of your monogram and the style of cloth – or you can choose to let the experts advise you on their recommendation for the perfect look.

With interiors designed by Patrick’s wife, Tamsin Johnson, you’re welcomed into Suit Shop with vast concrete features, and an elegant, modern aesthetic. And though you may enter a mere suiting mortal, you’ll be sure to leave that little bit more confident, polished and devilishly handsome.

Suit Shop

Here’s how it works:
  1. Book your consultation with one of Suit Shop’s expert tailors, at the Melbourne or Sydney location. The session will take about 45 minutes, and will involve taking your measurements, chatting style options and answering any questions.


  1. Now for the fun part. Explore the enormous range of combinations and customise your suit down to every last detail, or let the tailors advise on the perfect style for you. You’re in safe hands.


  1. Keep yourself busy for 4-6 weeks then come back to see the finished product. Highly-trained staff will perform final fit and adustments to make sure your suit is perfect. And the best bit? Your unique pattern is kept on file so you can easily re-order and grow your collection.