How To Enjoy Whiskey In Style

In the spirit of the winter season, it is never a wrong time to pull out a couple of glasses and share your best poison with an old friend.

Here at The Tailored Man, we are all about fond memories, good company and a great drop. But if you’re sharing, say, a quality whiskey, you should most definitely have the correct glassware for that specific drink and occasion.

Enter Waterford Crystal, one of the world’s oldest¬†manufacturer of crystal. Named after the city of Waterford in Ireland, the crystal company produces some of the world’s finest crystal glassware.

Amongst the different ranges, we decided to salute to the Lismore Black Range; fresh, modern and exciting, the beauty of the Lismore Black lies in the striking contrast between black and clear crystal emphasisng deep cuts and striking silhouettes.

The Lismore Black collection is a fusion of technology and tradition. Rich opaque black colour infuses drama into the Lismore collection. With a pour of your best, the glass looks even better half full.

Setting up shop at one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets, bar ‘Romeo Lane’, we had the pleasure of enjoying an old fashioned or two with some of Melbourne’s finest gents.

And believe it or not, the Lismore Black Brandy Set definitely enhanced the taste of our favourite after-dinner drink (in this case, it was midday on a Wednesday).

So, if you’re in the hunt for the perfect glassware to accompany your best drop, consider one of Europe’s oldest glassware manufacturer: Waterford Crystal.