A Fresh Feel For A Fan Favourite

Crux & Co New Menu

He’s worked for one-hatted restaurants Azuma and Gallileo in Sydney and now the Iron chef trained genius has set up camp at one of our favourite Melbourne’s brunch spots…

We’re talking about Ryo Northfield, new head chef at The Crux & Co.

Over a year since opening, owner Kevin Li and general manager James Julian are throwing down a remix and giving their customers an exciting distraction from the dropping temperatures.

Flavour mastermind Northfield has kept all the crowd favourites, because why change something that’s not broken, and added some delicious new ‘bud-bangers.

The new kids on the breakfast block include gram-worthy Mont Blanc and matcha pancakes with Mont Blanc cream, caramel popcorn, yuzu culies, citrus ganache and fresh berries, a DELICIOUS maple toasted house-made granola with vanilla coconut yogurt, strawberry snow, balsamic and dehydrated mandarin or the mouth watering zuccini and sweet potato fritter with perfectly poached eggs, carrot puree, chipotle relish and crispy capers.

The new lunch stars include the smoked duck salad with black sesame, roasted sweet potato, avocado, kaiteki eco kale, broccoli, quinoa and seeds (legit every superfood every existing) and the on-trend ahi poke bowl with freshly diced tuna, yuzu ponzu, wasabi mayo, pickled red cabbage, avocado and vegetables.

But don’t stress, The Crux egg basket with scotch quail egg, arancini and felafel is staying on the menu, along with the Crux invention, the ‘crogel’ – half bagel, half croissant.


We’re calling it… it’s the greatest remix to drop since Ignition.


Crux & Co New Menu

Crux & Co New Menu

The Crux & Co

35 Albert Rd, Melbourne
(03) 9820 1081

Georgia Dunlop
A Sydneysider turned Melbournian, Georgia is a long time food enthusiast, wanderluster, whisky lover and piccolo drinker. As a Fashion and Textile Design graduate, Georgia values most a killer outfit, a beautiful space, delicious seasonal food and great company.