Car Loans: What you need to know


We all have a dream car. You know the one – it’s fast, flashy, always perfectly clean – and it cruises around in our minds while we tap onto the train or open the door to an Uber (sigh).

Luckily, obtaining your dream car may not be as impossible as it seems with a car loan. Until you can roll into that luxury dealership with cold hard cash, the right car loan helps get you one step closer to a ride you’ll love.

Here’s what you need to know…


  1. Find a well-fitted car loan

Like a perfectly fitted suit, you need a car loan that’s tailored to you. Whether you’re after a new model or a pre-loved set of wheels to get you around town, there are loads of options out there to suit what you need.

Look for a loan that offers flexible repayment options, low fees, and a fool-proof application process, to help you get behind the wheel quickly and easily.

  1. Car loans calculator

Okay, you’ve done it – you’ve decided to buy a car. But you’re no mathematician, and the only thing you’ve calculated in the past few months is what percentage of your paycheck you’ve spent on snacks and clothes (answer: too much).

Fear not – car loan calculator tools exist with the sole purpose of helping you figure out how much your car repayments are going cost you. Used or new? Fortnightly or monthly repayments? Type in your new car’s details and let the calculator do the rest.

  1. Vehicle inspections

If making a big purchase has your palms sweating, looking into a professional vehicle inspection may be the thing for you. Find out any potential issues from expert mechanics, have extra power when negotiating private sales, and get peace of mind that the car you’re looking at buying isn’t a lemon. Worth it? We vote yes.


  1. Car history checks

When you meet someone in a bar, lock eyes in a café, or match online what’s the first thing every rational person does? Performs a CIA-worthy background check. It’s the same thing when you buy a used car. You want to be sure of its history, past relationships, damage, and how much it’ll cost you.

Car history checks tell you all this – without the need to stalk Facebook – in one easy-to-read report, so you can take home your car faster and with confidence.

To find the perfect car loan for you, and explore the tools to help you get behind the wheel, check out The NRMA.

This article was written in partnership with myNRMA