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5 Out of the Ordinary Lakeside Retreats

Image by Linda Bergroth

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]When all your mates decide to holiday in summer destinations during another brutal winter at home, it’s best to just pack your weekend bag, find a faraway lakeside retreat and go off-grid. We take a look at some of our favorite lakeside retreats, cabins and ‘sheds’ around the world.[/emphasized]

Image by Benjamin Benschneider
The Pierre, by Olson Kundig

The Pierre

Olson Kundig Architects

We understand we’re using the word ‘retreat’ quite liberally here, as this entry is more of an incredible lakeside manor. This exceptional house, based in the San Juan Islands, was meant to look “nestled into a rock, celebrating the materiality of the site”. And you are constantly reminded about the sites materiality, with the geometric concrete façade interacting with the sliced rock, which was carved by a mixture of core drilling, wire saws and dynamite. The interior is an almost stark contrast of it’s tough looking exterior, with plush furniture and luxurious fixtures like the cascading bathroom sink.


Image by Linda Bergroth
The Transparent ‘Shed’

Kekkila Garden Shed

Avanto Architects

The phrase “garden shed” brings an old-fashioned, English countryside image to mind… before we shatter that with this conceptual masterpiece. Based in Uusimaa, Finland (The Scandinavian theme will be a recurring one) the exterior profile actually draws parallels with your standard garden shed. However, the use of glass makes this project a transparent greenhouse of sorts. The shed actually comes in in two pre-fabricated modules, so if you’ve found a secluded lakeside pocket(and can make it yours), it might be time to pick one up! While ‘The Shed’ doesn’t boast extensive living facilities, it does offer a secluded tranquility that’s second to none!


Nestled in the forest by the lake
Sprinkle some luxury on your tranquility…

Island House

Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki

The simply named Swedish retreat, with a not-so-simply named architecture firm. Based in the archipelago of Stockholm, the house is nestled between the woods on one of the thousands of islands in the capital. With a 500 year old oak tree looming over the house, the timber and glass façade is a beautifully simple compliment to its idyllic surroundings.


Image by Paul Bardagjy
Just a little mile long hike home…

Lake House

Anderson-Wise Architects

One of the more simply titled spaces, the Lake House is located on the banks of Lake Austin in the US. The architect describes the journey to the retreat as “a nearly mile-long path that leads the visitor down the hill, over a suspension bridge constructed of individual segments strung onto cables that spans a ravine, and finally down to the boat house.” While the suspension bridge and the anchoring system are marvels of engineering, our favourite component is the boat ‘garage’ underneath the retreat.


The majestic Blue Lake Retreat in Marble Falls

Blue Lake Retreat

Lake Flato

What do you do, when you have an extremely steep topography that looks impossible to build on? Well, obviously you design a vertically massive structure and stick it straight into the side of that problem. The three-story behemoth resides in Marble Falls in Texas, proving that everything really is bigger in Texas. From afar, the multiple floors and timber structure almost make it look like an MTV Cribs tree house, complete with a cantilevered deck that floats right above the lake.

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