Uniqlo U: LifeWear Essentials

Time and time again, Japanese casual designers Uniqlo are proving to create ridiculously good (for the price you pay) collections that are changing the space of practical, stylish and affordable casual clothing.

The latest Uniqlo collection ‘U’, is no exception. The progressive “LifeWear essentials collection” for men and women was created in the Paris atelier by a small, talented team of international designers, led by artistic director Christophe Lemaire (former Hermès designer). Uniqlo U uses high quality, advanced materials whilst experimenting with cutting-edge techniques and shapes.



And what is a “progressive LifeWear collection”, you may ask? Well, put simply, a seriously cool collection of everyday staple (must-have) items.

Uniqlo U is the future of LifeWear; always evolving, always experimenting.

Uniqlo U is Lemaire’s second collection as the brand’s artistic director. The men’s collection features somber tones of grey, olive, brown and shades of popping blue. The collection has hints of Scandinavian-inspired tailoring, and is obviously designed for practicality for the seasons to come.

The women’s collection features rich autumnal tones (rust and reds) as well as olive, salmon and dark denim tones.

As pictured, our favourite look from the collection is a tailored polo, paired with cuffed-trousers and a fresh pair of white sneakers.



It is obvious that this collection explores new and unique shapes and silhouettes, ultimately providing a commitment to reinventing basics/staple pieces for your wardrobe.

A fresh, exciting and well-designed collection, the release of Uniqlo U couldn’t have been timed any better; as we are coming off the back-end of Summer, updates to the wardrobe are a simple must, in order to stay ahead of the (long) winter ahead…… winter is coming!



The collection is now currently available at UNIQLO Emporium, UNIQLO Chadstone, UNIQLO MidCity, UNIQLO Queen Street and at the Uniqlo online store.



This article is proudly sponsored by Uniqlo. 


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