Are you Set Up For Summer?

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]Summer is a season of staples. Whether its work or play, all you need is a few simple, easy, relaxed and breathable wardrobe staples.[/emphasized]

Dressing well in the heat can be uncomfortable and intimidating. The rising mercury steals our layers and our multitude of fabric options, and often also takes with it our style. But just because it’s getting warmer, doesn’t mean things have to get sloppy…

The secret to staying stylish in summer is having solid comfortable and stylish building blocks – in the right fabrics! We teamed up with Uniqlo to create the ultimate setup of summer staples:



Few of us like the restriction of a collar at the best of times, so whoever invented the stand collar shirt knows where it’s at!

With the smartness of a button-up, but the casual vibe of having no collar, long-sleeve or short, this shirt is the most versatile summer piece!

WORK: Linen on linen is always a winner. Layering a slim-fit linen blazer, a stand collar linen shirt with a tailored chino, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer work look. We especially love a neutral or monochrome palette, bringing out the texture of the shirt.



PLAY: A short-sleeve shirt and chino shorts combo – let’s get some air flow! For a day in the sun this is the perfect casual outfit. Ideally in a neutral or dark colour, because we all know a day out = dirt. All you need is a cool pair of sunnies and a simple sneaker and you’re set!



DATE: Match a short-sleeve stand collar with a slim fit tailored chino for the ultimate smart casual summer date look! Easily dressed up with a brogue or dressed down with a sneaker.



Not just for golf or tennis these days, the polo has become one of the sharpest and most versatile shirts in a wardrobe. But you have to get that fit right! The sleeve should finish ¾ of the way down your bicep, the shoulder seam should start at the intersection of arm and shoulder, and the body should create a trim shape with the length sitting halfway down the fly.

A Summer essential, the polo can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you pair with it. Here are out favourite polo looks:

WORK: For a casual Friday work look, pair the Theory polo with a crisp chino and bomber jacket. A leather brogue would cap off this smart-casual work look perfectly.



PLAY: For the perfect summer polo look, match it with a pair of chino shorts; simple and stylish. A great pair of sunnies and a minimal sneaker are the perfect accessories.



DATE: Keep things simple and classic and pair your polo with a chino and a cool monochrome sneaker for an easy and laidback date look.




The sweatpant trend is currently at an all-time high, seen on everyone from your local barista to NBA All-Stars. The appeal of the jogger is that they are a relaxed way to avoid wearing stiff denim or ball-busting suit pants. And, best of all, they’re super versatile and easy as hell to make look cool.

Hoodies, leather jacket or blazer, pretty much anything goes with a pair of killer tailored sweats. Here’s how to wear them the TTM way:

WORK: The Jogger pant can even be dressed up for work, paired with a button up shirt, linen in summer, and a tailored blazer or suit jacket to add that professional touch. The perfect blend of comfort and style.



PLAY: A black polo shirt with a simple white sneaker makes for a killer casual monochrome outfit. The black keeps it streamlined while the pop of a white sneaker adds a bit of street edge. Perfect for a Sunday brunch or catchup with the fellas.



DATE: Team the jogger pant with a light-weight linen button up for a super cool, smart casual date look.




Not all of us like that snug fit, especially in Summer when things are getting sticky. So the oversized tee becomes the perfect wardrobe staple!

That said, its not as simple as running out and buying a shirt 2 sizes to big – the right fit has to be considered for this look to be pulled off! It should be just a little more oversized than normal, giving that breathing(and sweat) space. Here’s how we wore the oversized tee:

WORK: The prefect versatile under layer, dress the tee up for work with a tailored jacket or blazer and team it with a slim-fit chino and leather brogue for a stylish professional vibe.



PLAY: Throw on a pair of dark flat-front shorts and the oversized tee will look its best for a casual day look.



DATE: For a classic timeless date look you cant go past the classic oversized white tee, dark navy trouser, white sneaker and the option of a light blazer or jacket. Perfect for any date situation!



Set yourself up for Summer and shop our staples:

The Stand Collar Shirt

The Polo Shirt

The Jogger Pant

The Oversized Tee



Georgia Dunlop
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