Top 10 Things To Do At Atlantis The Palm

The underwater themed fantasy resort takes luxury to a level we didn’t think possible!

Bigger is better at Atlantis, which is noticeable as soon as you see it in the distance – the sheer scale of the hotel itself is enormous! Covering 46 hectares, it’s like Disneyland on steroids.




A playground for holiday makers of all ages, they’ve got more than enough attractions to keep you occupied for a week or two (if not months!).

We were lucky enough to drop in on our way to Europe, easing the jet-lag and increasing the fantasy. Designed so that you never have to leave – we didn’t! – here are our top 10 things do, apart from watching tomato-red European tourists flail in the pool…


1. Ossiano

Acclaimed as one of the best seafood restaurants in the world, Ossiano LITERALLY immerses you in their incredible dining experience. With floor to ceiling views into the Ambassador Lagoon, you’re eating seafood whilst watching seafood. And it never tasted better.


2. Kaleidoscope

Get ready for a gastronomic marathon at this epic International buffet. Kaleidescope takes the concept of “buffet” to a whole new level! With literally EVERYTHING on the menu, from pizza, to dumplings, to waffles, the toughest choice was where to start! A lap or 5 is needed for a recon mission alone. Make sure you choose wisely between the 5minute, 7minute or 9minute boiled egg.


3. The Lost Chamber Aquarium

It’s only fitting for an underwater themed resort to have a 65,000 animal aquarium right?! Make your way through the 10 various themed chambers and immerse yourself in the underwater experience. Sharks, stingray, piranhas, lobsters and tiny seahorses are just a few of the animals you’ll meet as you surround yourself with sea life.

Ambassador Lagoon

4. Aquaventure Waterpark

Are you ever too old for a waterpark?! Definitely not! Why go anywhere else when this is right at your door, and is also Dubai’s best water park! With record-breaking rides, throw yourself down a tube, take a leap of faith, or grab a flotation device and ride the rapids to get your adrenaline pumping. Or just kick-back and relax, preferably with cocktail in hand, and be there for moral support.


5. Ayamna

A winding staircase to heaven leads to the flavours of heaven! Ayamna is the newest restaurant at Atlantis, and offers the ultimate authentic Lebanese dining experience.

Translated to “our memorable days”, Ayamna is an extremely memorable feast! Our standouts were the Shrimp Kunafa and Apricot Vanilla Muhalabiya (don’t ask me how you pronounce it, but trust me and order it!). Prepare for your table to be loaded and your taste-buds to be tickled!


6. Tour of the suites

We all like to pretend that we are the Kardashian’s, with our own reality series and millions of Instagram followers (tell me I’m not alone on this…) And a tour of the $38,000per night Royal Bridge Suite is definitely a reality check that NO WE AIN’T KIMMY K. With 2 storey high ceilings, a dining room and your 24-hour butler and chef service, it’s most definitely worth checking out! No one will know from your Insta photo that it’s not actually your room!


7. Sea Lion Point

Get up close and personal with the dogs of the sea! For all you animal lovers, or you’re just looking for your next Instagram post, you can meet and greet, and even get a kiss from the charming and playful Sea Lions. Warning: they don’t have the freshest breath, but boy are they charming!


8. ShuiQi Spa

If you’re not relaxed enough already, enlighten your senses and your soul and drop into this oasis of peace and tranquility. Book in for an hour long full-body massage or a hydrating facial and really let yourself relax and unwind. Even just walking into the serene water surrounding will have you feeling years younger!


9. Bread Street Kitchen

Mirroring the Bread Street Kitchen in London, the Dubai edition has the same relaxed, warehouse-dining feel. Experience Gordon Ramsay without the expletives, as you wade between a balance of comfort food and fine dining in a perfectly amber-lit setting. The tamarind chicken wings were a standout!


10. Hit the pool/beach

With 1.7km of beachfront and 2 pristine pools – very large ones! – it’s hard to be anywhere else but by a body of water! The Royal Pool has the best views of the Dubai cityscape, whilst the Zero Entry Pool is the perfect spot for family fun! Or sprawl on a beach chair and enjoy the view out across the palm. It’s not called Dubai’s best beach resort for nothing!


Georgia Dunlop
A Sydneysider turned Melbournian, Georgia is a long time food enthusiast, wanderluster, whisky lover and piccolo drinker. As a Fashion and Textile Design graduate, Georgia values most a killer outfit, a beautiful space, delicious seasonal food and great company.