Myer: Your Shortcut To A Perfect Winter’s Wardrobe

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]We all know that (most) men don’t enjoy to shop. It’s a known fact. Men struggle to curate an outfit at the best of times, and when they actually have to update their wardrobe from yesteryear, frustration sets in, language turns colourful and something along the lines of “I’ve had enough, get me out of here” is communicated to that poor partner dragged along for the ride. [/emphasized]

The Tailored Man team are all for making life a little bit easier for the everyday bloke, so we decided to team up with Myer to show you why this winter, Myer could easily be your one stop-shop to an amazing and achievable wardrobe.

So, where to begin? Why not in a place that has the largest selection of brands across Australia: Myer! The perfect port of call for the novice male shopper or experienced campaigners, Myer is home to a variety of brands across so many different product ranges.

We decided to put our money where our mouth is and head into the Bourke Street store in Melbourne to pick up a few different interchangeable staple items to add to our winter wardrobe. The key word we focus on when we have cash to splash is “interchangeable”, meaning, selected pieces that you can easily use for multiple different occasions, be it casual, formal, etc. This is the best way to build a solid foundation for your wardrobe, that way, you will have the building blocks for the seasons to come.

Myer is home to a selection of brands at varying price points, so we decided to look at brands that offer achievable price points. Every outfit we put together showcased multiple brands, some of them being Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Jack & Jones, Levis & Superdry, just to name a few.

The greatest part is that all our outfits came well under the $500 mark, with items being able to be mixed and matched for the coming Winter season.

This month also marks ‘Mens Month’ at Myer, with a huge range of in-store promotions & activations showcasing all things for the modern day man. The first one kicks off on the 12th of May at the Bourke Street store in Melbourne on Level 4, from 5pm-9pm.

To view the latest range of menswear on offer at Myer, and for all other information, please click here.


Dalton Graham
Founder of The Tailored Man Dalton Graham is a football playing fashion aficionado who cut his teeth in the rag trade since he could talk. Growing up in the fashion industry, its no secret that style is running through his veins. Experienced beyond his years, the humble perfectionist thrives on helping the everyday man.