The Tailored Man meets The Bearded Man

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]When strolling along Chapel street, you will more than likely experience the hustle and bustle of local cafes, restaurants and boutique clothing stores.[/emphasized]

But standing out amongst the charm of the strip is ‘The Bearded Man’, a new concept in the way of men’s barber shops.

Structured as a half barber/half coffee shop, The Bearded Man is a step away from the “retro” barber scene which instead, offers a quaint environment for folks to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of good strangers…. And occasionally providing a healthy dose of deep-house tunes courtesy of an in-house DJ.

Headed by barber Josh Mihan and his trusty team of bearded men (of whom have glorious beards), The Bearded Man offer an array of services from haircuts to beards trims, wet shaves to shaving tutorials, using only the best hair products around.

We were fortunate to sit down with Josh Mihan himself, owner and head barber of The Bearded Man, to get the lowdown on his new school Chapel Street establishment.

TTM: Hi Josh. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. So mate, how did The Bearded Man begin and where did the idea for this salon originate from?

JM: The Bearded Man was born under traditional barbering techniques but I wanted to put a Melbourne spin on it. The concept basically came from all of my favourite things put together: music, coffee and barbering. I felt there was a gap in the market for something like it, a comfortable place for anyone. The concept is a combination of great things and provides a space that isn’t so much of a boy’s club, but a place that welcomes everyone.

What is your barbering background?

I grew up in the hairdressing community. From age 14 I worked with my father as a barber and from there I received my education from BIBA. After many years as a BIBA educator I left Melbourne for London. I genuinely discovered my passion for barbering when I was working for Murdock in London. It was at Murdock where I discovered the deeper meaning of the industry. I was taught proper etiquette and the true meaning of a real men’s haircut.

Nice one. So what does The Bearded Man represent to you?

The Bearded Man represents the modern man. It’s influenced by the past but holds a respect for new ideas and represents the mentality that anything is possible.

And what has been the reaction from the public since opening the doors?

We’ve had a great reaction! Everyone who comes into the shop seems to be just as excited as I am. I think a lot of our clients find it refreshing. They enjoy our take on the modern barber shop. A lot of clients say they used to dread getting their hair cut but when they come to The Bearded Man they know they are getting high quality treatment with welcoming personality.

What would you say was your main point of difference, what separates you from the crowd?

Where else can you go get a great haircut, drink a delicious coffee and maybe catch a DJ set or two?

True. And what are the hottest trends in men’s hairstyles at the moment, what does the next year hold?

We continue to do a lot of fades at the moment but I sense that trend coming to an end. I think in 2016 we will be seeing a lot of softer, more relaxed haircuts with soft texture and a lot longer, luscious locks. We love both long and short hair, we like change and welcome it with open arms.

Thanks for all of that Josh, and we wish you all the best for The Bearded Man.
With quality products and a wealth of knowledge behind the scissors and/or razor, there is no doubt that The Bearded Man will leave you feeling fresh, confident and ready to tackle your day….. after a coffee of course!

The Bearded Man is located at 203 Chapel Street, Prahran and is open 7 days a week.