How A Suit Should Fit: The Tall Guy

For our 3rd instalment of ‘How A Suit Should Fit’ with Hugo Boss, we focus on the guy over the 6ft mark.

Now when you’re 6’4″, 93kgs, and can sprint 20 m in under 3 seconds, you’d think buying a suit would be a breeze… But being super human has it drawbacks in the field of fashion. Even so, everyone needs a good suit, especially Premiership Western Bulldog Marcus Bontempelli.

Key Points

Lanky limbs are no excuse for cropped jackets or ankle breezers. So for someone as tall as Marcus, there are a few key points you want to focus on to ensure your suit fits to perfection:

  1. Go straight for a “long fitting” for that little extra length. Hugo Boss offer long fittings in a selection of styles for those with the height advantage. A longer fitting jacket will ensure the sleeve length and body of the jacket sit just at the base of your backside, along with the top button of your jacket sitting lower than a regular fit accentuating your long torso.
  2. Another key thing to note is the pants: those extra long pins in ill-fitting pants will throw the look off completely. Too tight or too baggy will make the suit look more casual than work appropriate. So make sure the pant is tailored to give shape to the trouser, but not so tight it looks like your skinny jeans at home (even they shouldn’t be too tight!)

If the above sounds like you, then make sure you take on board these few small tips, to ensure your next suit purchase is a smooth one.

Stay tuned to catch our 4th and final instalment of ‘How A Suit Should Fit’ by Hugo Boss, this Sunday.

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Dalton Graham
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