How A Suit Should Fit: The Slim Jim

Our next instalment of ‘How A Suit Should Fit’ with Hugo Boss  focuses on those with a slimmer build; those fortunate enough to be able to walk in and out, suit in hand, in next to no time (you lucky bastards).

Known as a ‘sample size’ in the industry, we roped in former International Model and DJ, Didier Cohen to show you how it’s done.


How A Suit Should Fit

Everyone has their own ideas of “How A Suit Should Fit’, but here are few key things to consider when aiming for tailored perfection:


The most important part of a perfect fitting suit is the jacket…

  • When looking at the jacket, it should fall off the shoulder without any puckering around the sleeve
  • Around the chest area of the jacket there should be no pulling, or crease in the lapels of the jacket
  • The sleeve length on the jacket should come to the end of your thumb and up 1 cm
  • At the bottom the jacket on the back, it should fall in line where your backside finishes
  • At the top of the back of the jacket, there should be no rolls or bunching of fabric


Working our way from top to bottom, these are the key points to focus on for the pant…

  • From the waist, you should be able to get the width two fingers in the front of the pant. Why? This will allow the side pockets to sit perfectly, the crutch area to be comfortable and allow belt to sit on the waist gathering
  • You should be able to sit down in a chair and be comfortable in them, a little tightness around the thigh is okay, however, it shouldn’t feel like your pants are going to split
  • The pant length, should sit on the shoe with one crease in the leg. This will make sure your when you are walking you are not showing your socks and for when you sit down your pant will not come up to your calf


You may be a sample size, but there’s no excuse for wearing a standard fitting suit. Check back on Thursday for our next episode of “How A Suit Should Fit” by Hugo Boss.

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