‘A Gentlemen’s Guide to Entertaining’ by Star of Bombay

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]We all love an amazing party. But what is it that makes the perfect dinner party?! Is it all about delicious food? Or delectable drinks? Or a beautiful setting and inspirational people? Or maybe its just a little bit of sparkle…[/emphasized]

Star of Bombay are bringing that sparkle and then some, teaming up with Australian comedian Ash Williams and Bombay Sapphire brand ambassador Sean Forsyth, to bring the first installment of a series of premium ginstronomy – cocktail and paired dining experiences.

The collaboration is designed to educate guests on the Star of Bombay liquid and how to create the perfect Star experience. Bringing together some of his closest friends, including Australian Boxing Champion Will Tomlinson and actor/songwriter JR Reyne, Ash hosted a #StarSoiree like no other.


The backdrop for the evening was the beautiful Robin Boyd House. Home to the man himself, Robin Boyd was one of Melbourne’s most reputable architects in the 1950’s. An invite to Robin Boyd’s Home in the 50’s was a bit like opening the golden ticket – one of the most exclusive and reputable invitations going around.

The stunning architecture and interior was complimented perfectly with the atmosphere and look designed by the esteemed The Style Co.


And the night just kept getting better. One of our key components to the perfect #StarSoiree is most definitely food, and boy it didn’t disappoint. The acclaimed Melbourne restaurant Cutler & Co produced an incredible menu for guests to enjoy, pairing each dish perfectly to a Star of Bombay cocktail.

Traditionally you hear wine, not cocktails being paired with food. I think I speak for everyone when saying we weren’t sure what to expect! We were treated to five varying gin cocktails, Star Punch, Star Tonic, Star Martini, Negroni and ‘Ash’s Star Potential’. ‘Ash’s Star Potential’ was my favourite, and the last of the food pairings for the evening. The cocktail contained Star of Bombay, St-Germain Elderflower liqueur, pineapple juice and ginger beer, all topped off with a pineapple wedge, orange peel and an olive; the perfect balance between sour & sweet.

As we touched on earlier, guests were ‘educated’ in the art of cocktail making and one vital little tip that Sean Forsyth shared with us that took us all by storm was – fill your glass full to the top with ice and then add the spirits. Having the glass filled with ice will keep your drink fresher and maintain flavor for longer. Genius.


Star of Bombay gin is produced in small quantities entirely at Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire, England. Like most gins on the market, Star of Bombay pulls away from the mainstream boiling method and opts for Vapour Infusion. This allows botanicals such as juniper, coriander, lemon peel and orris to showcase their full flavor. In total, Star of Bombay contains 12 botanicals, which through the Vapour Infusion process, harmonise beautifully for a bright, smooth, deeply captivating and complex taste experience.

So what does make the perfect dinner party!? Well all our boxes were ticked – amazing food, perfect drinks and the most beautiful setting, with some superb company! Ash & Sean, with the help of Star of Bombay, created what we believe to be the perfect dinner party or should we say #StarSoiree.

Just as easy for you to do at home, include all our key components for the perfect dinner party, along with a little Star of Bombay, and you too could have your own #StarSoiree.

See how it all unfolded below:

Dalton Graham
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