Pascale Bar & Grill

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]QT Melbourne, a ‘design-driven boutique hotel’, is currently creating a whirlwind of excitement on Russell St in Melbourne’s CBD. As the classy establishment open their doors to the general public, not only is a word-class, 5-star hotel on offer, but a world-class, 5-star restaurant in Pascale Bar & Grill.[/emphasized]

Pascale Bar & Grill is a new fine dining experience for anyone who wishes to dine in style, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With European-bistro influences, the extensive menu caters to satisfy the discerning ‘foodie’ as well as creating somewhat of a twist on classic dishes.


Here at The Tailored Man, we were fortunate enough to experience an exquisite meal first-hand at Pascale Bar & Grill, and boy were we impressed.

From the moment of arrival, you are thrown into a room that is reminiscent of a scene off ‘Mad Men’. With a great open-spaced, 360 degree bar, which then leads off into the open-kitchen, guests are able to witness first hand the magic of the chefs who prepare the exquisite food that is on offer at Pascale Bar & Grill.

We were seated by the friendly QT staff and before we knew it, the painstakingly difficult decision of ordering our meals was upon us; everything just sounded so great! Sure enough, after 20 minutes of fierce discussion, our orders were in and we waited for our food which was served promptly.

Our entrée included Pan Fried Crab Cakes (the Chef’s recommendation) as well as the chopped Tuna, which was so fresh and tasty, it had us salivating at the mouth.

On to mains, we enjoyed the Rib Eye Beef paired with seasonal greens. Cooked medium-rare, the beef was succulent, tender and full of flavour. A must-try!

We couldn’t say no to dessert, so we finished off with the ‘Rustic Chocolate Stove’; a chocolate masterpiece with hazelnut chocolate cake, crunch and sauces… was as good as it sounds.

With an open kitchen, Pascale Bar & Grill offers guests a glimpse into the artisan flair of the unique dish creations on offer.

What makes Pascale Bar & Grill an incredible space is the fresh ingredients and produce that are available to the kitchen (then onto the plates of guests), as QT farms its very own vegetable garden on the rooftop of the hotel. Carefully planted, a hive of honey bees cross pollinate edible flowers on the QT Melbourne rooftop which help the growth of certain vegetables. With artisan produce mixed with creative minds, this enables for a feast for the senses, which is indeed what is on offer at Pascale Bar & Grill.

And speaking of rooftops, once dinner is done, head up to the QT rooftop, one of Melbourne’s hottest and trendiest spots for a cheeky cocktail or two.

Amongst the glitz and glamour that is QT Melbourne, Pascale Bar & Grill impressed us, leaving us wanting more. A non-intimidating, relaxed restaurant with New York style vibes, coupled with a kitchen of extremely talented chefs with fresh produce right on their door step, it was a real delight to have had the experience of eating at Pascale Bar & Grill.

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