Osteria Francescana: The Best Restaurant In The World

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[emphasized type=”emphasized”]Osteria Francescana. A name that you should definitely become familiar with, ladies and gentlemen. As this is not your typical Italian eatery (or ‘Osteria’), but in fact a three Michelin starred restaurant recently voted the best in the world.[/emphasized]

In 1995 in Modena, Bologna, a small town rich in history and artisanal culture, motors (the Ferrari Factory) and flavours, Osteria Francescana was born.

So what makes this restaurant so special, you ask? It’s simple. The head chef and owner Mr. Massimo Bottura. An Emilian chef born in Modena, Bottura was born to bend the rules and change the way the eye perceives (and the way we taste) certain foods. In other words, his food is pure artwork.

Bottura is a key figure in a new generation of chefs.

Although a slow process, Osteria Francescana has continued to build on its impressive accolades year in and year out, impressing food critics and food lovers alike, to have finally reached the pinnacle; an achievement 20 years in the making.

1995 – Massimo Bottura opens Osteria Francescana.
– Awarded first Michelin star.
2008 – Awarded ‘plate of the year’ with their Garlic and Snail soup.
2010 – ‘The World’s Best 50 Restaurants – Best Italian Restaurant & 6th best restaurant in the world.’
2013 – ‘The World’s Best 50 Restaurants – 3rd best restaurant in world.’
2015 – ‘The World’s Best 50 Restaurants – 2nd best restaurant in world.’
2016 – Three michelin stars & voted the best restaurant in the world.

Located in the heart of medieval Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, Osteria Francescana offers 12 tables in a small space that will take guests on a journey through the food prepared by Bottura and his team.

“Our cooking is a collision of ideas, cultures, techniques and gestures,” Bottura says.

“Each plate is a reconstruction of an idea, a memory, a play on words or a wry smile rendered into a singular gesture.”

With a menu that boasts works of art, because let’s be honest, we have never seen food presented in such a way, prepare to be completely and utterly blown away. Dishes on offer include five ages of Parmigiano Reggiano in different textures and temperatures, grey and black rice with Oscietra Royal caviar, Tagliatelle with hand cut meat ragù, and Lobster with double sauces, both acidic and sweet; you’re taste buds will be in complete awe.

And for those, like us, who cannot currently make the trip over to Modena, well… It gives us something to aspire to. Because honestly, Osteria Francescana should be experienced by all, if but only once.

However, in the meantime, check out the Mr. Porter feature on Massimo Bottura and explore his world that is: Osteria Francescana.

Located on Via Stella, 22, Modena, Italia, you can book your experience at Osteria Francescana here.