Philips Movember Grooming Tips by Jules Tognini

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]Are you man enough to be my man?……[/emphasized]

These were the words that sparked a global phenomenon in the way of Movember. A simple idea that quickly developed into one of the biggest fundraising movements in Australia, and the world. Gents, it’s time to get those clippers out and start sculpting that beautiful Mo you know you can grow, good or bad.

Be it large and bushy or thin and light, a moustache is a moustache. And when participating for a cause as important as Movember, in helping men live happier, healthier, longer lives through game-changing men’s health projects, the look is even better.

In an effort to grow our own caterpillars, The Tailored Man team caught up with Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador, and Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Jules Tognini for some advice and to discuss all things Movember, grooming and anything in between.

TTM: G’day Jules, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us mate. So tell us, the question we all want to know, what are your grooming recommendations for gents this Movember?

JT: Hi boys, thanks for having me! Let’s get down to it…. To put it simply, my grooming recommendations for Movember this year, in growing and maintaining that perfect mo, are:

  1. Moustaches add volume to your face and change how it looks. If you have a thin lip line, grow a larger moustache as it will create the appearance of a stronger upper lip. If you have thick lips, try growing a much smaller, understated moustache.
  2. If you have smaller facial features, we suggest a moustache that’s thinner and closely trimmed in order to give you a slicker look.
  3. If you have softer facial features, try sharpening your look with an edgy moustache with clear lines.
  4. If you have a long thin face, a wide moustache is best as it draws attention away from the lower part of your face.
  5. If you have a square shaped face, complement the shape with a square-shaped moustache to enhance chiseled features. While, a rounder face has few angles, full cheeks and is equal in width and length so it’s better suited to a thinner squarer-shaped moustache.

TTM: What does style mean to you, Jules? 

JT: Style is an expression of yourself.  In the way of moustaches, it’s not only about finding the right moustache to compliment your facial shape but also a style that you’re confident in wearing and that will enhance your overall look.


TTM: How do you maintain the perfect moustache? What constitutes the “perfect” moustache?

JT: If you’re a first time moustache-wearer, it’s important to determine the perfect style for your facial shape and start shaping your mo from day one. A comb, beard oil and a good set of trimmers are must haves to keep your facial hair well-groomed throughout Movember. The Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer is my product of choice, as it has a number of fantastic features that help achieve even stubble, including double steel blades that can shave the thickest of facial hair.


TTM: What are your must-dos when it comes to grooming and styling for men?

JT: Whether you have thin or coarse hair it is important to remember your styling regime as this can affect your overall look. Find yourself a good hairdresser, hair and face products, clipper, shaver and a good pair of jeans (find a cut that works for you, no one wears baggy jeans any more).  

TTM: Awarded Australia’s best hairdresser and educator, what are the hottest hair styles/trends right now and what do you see for 2017?

JT: I can see a lot more length in hair for 2017 which is great for versatility. I think loose, rugged and salty relaxed hair is going to be big this summer.

If you have fine hair, leaving it long and all one length can make it look and feel a lot thinner. People with this hair type should go for a shaggier layered cut to improve thickness and hair health. To improve volume, instead of letting hair air dry flat, opt for the hair dryer on a low heat. If you have coarse hair, stay away from layers and instead add some texture. If your hair is coarse and straight you could add some beach waves at home by dividing your hair into three messy man-buns when damp and dry with a hair dryer on its lowest setting.

TTM: How do you best educate men in the grooming department?

JT: Be real with them. Grooming is new to some guys so just take baby steps, and find the style that they’re best confident in.

* Jules Tognini is the Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador and Men’s Hairdresser of the Year. 

By 2030, the Movember Foundation will reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. If you would like to contribute to this effort by getting involved and donating, please click visit Movember Foundation.