The Chanel Monsieur De Chanel Watch for Men

One of our favourite boutique-releases of 2016, the Chanel Monsieur De Chanel Watch for Men is now available in a platinum case. And let us just say, it is absolutely gorgeous.

From the get-go, the Monsieur De Chanel is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of watch. You either get its obscure, almost avant-garde aesthetic, or you don’t. And if you don’t that’s okay, because all you have to do is turn the piece over and look deep into its beautiful, beating heart.

So what makes the Monsieur De Chanel worthy of a review, you may ask? Well let us break it down for you.


In terms of artistry and visceral design, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more shocking, more striking looking piece. Chanel have used the now very popular retrograde configuration to display the time, and its unique characteristics are further exemplified by the super-difficult-to-make grand feu enamel dial in a deep, dark black.

The polished platinum case is not to be overlooked either. The ultra-thin bezel really allows the dial to pop, and the subtlety of the crown at 3 o’clock compliments the understated aesthetic of the watch. The integrated and polished lugs are elusive enough to be missed, but have a large enough presence to for appreciation. The black alligator strap is like the cherry on top for the Monsieur De Chanel, and anything but a decent black leather strap will look odd enough to warrant it as a hit and miss.


Chanel Monsieur De Chanel Watch


Turn the watch over, and the visceral delights just keep on getting better. You’re met with an open sapphire caseback display of complete and utter perfection. The Calibre 1 movement is an in-house, manually wound calibre giving you about 72-hours worth of power reserve.

This is the kind of movement that warrants a bit of a pause to enjoy. Go ahead, soak it in. It honestly won’t get much better than this. The combination of silver and grey with the occasional touch of ruby red is a feast for the eyes. From the horizontal brushing on the thin inner circle bridge, to the outward stroked brushing on the gears, to the darkened grainy detail on the mainplate, everything is modern and elegant.

From conception to execution, the Monsieur De Chanel is an intriguing spectacle that treads the dangerous (and often pursued) line between contemporary and conservative.

Our outlook on fashion-house and boutique brands producing timepieces has changed over the past 18-months. Going from having a supremely dismissive attitude towards them, to showing some kind of interest in them, to forgoing their brand in appreciation of their workmanship to now adding them to our ever-expanding wish-list.

The Monsieur De Chanel in platinum is a cut above the rest of the fashion-house-produced watches. It’s a lovely combination of artistic daring and haute horlogerie worthy movement architecture that will tick the boxes of any watch enthusiast.

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