Q&A with MANKiND

Fellow Tailored Men! We all know how important grooming is; for our everyday well-being, health, confidence. Men in particular have inherently become more aware and proactive with grooming but it can always be a little daunting.

If you have ever felt a little hesitant, a little awkward or a little unsure in the area of men’s grooming (facials, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, etc) please look no further because the friendly crew at MANKIND are here to help.

We were fortunate enough to visit their beautiful salon located on Toorak Road, South Yarra for a chat with head manager Craig Cremin, who ran through with us who MANKiND are and what services they have to offer for the men (and women) of Melbourne.

G’day Craig! So how did MANKiND begin? How did the concept come about?

MANKiND was founded and established 11 years ago. There was an obvious demand in the market for a stylish clinic geared towards guys which offered exceptional service and quality treatments, the clinic was purposely built with men in mind.

Paul Anderson, the founder of Mankind, was looking for a change in profession. Having worked in the film industry, he wanted a job where travel was limited so he could spend more time with his family and friends.  He took on a life coach for 4 weeks to explore ideas of what sort of industry he wanted to move into and how he would go about it. The first exercise that the coach put forward was to come up with some keywords for what he wanted his business to achieve.

They were: nurturing, feel good, tactile. As a regular facial client, he was acutely aware of the lack of quality men’s establishments in Sydney (of all places!!!). He put two and two together and started his business plan for MANKiND.

With little to no training background in beauty, Paul attended every dermatology and industry class he could and surrounded himself with an experienced and vibrant team.

In 2007, after MANKiND had been running for 4 years, we created MANKiND’s own skincare line. This was an obvious next step to progress the business and expand on what we were already offering.

That’s a great story! So how does Mankind differ from other men’s grooming services/businesses in Melbourne?

MANKiND Melbourne offers a one-stop shop for all men’s grooming services. For us; facials, massage, waxing, haircuts, shaves and laser treatments are all equally important. Our team are all highly qualified and experienced in their areas.

Through the services offered at Mankind, what has been the reaction from your customers?

Client reactions to our services have been phenomenal. We are proud to say that the majority of our clients are regulars. Some clients have come for a haircut and whilst here have spoken to our skin therapists and have decided to take the plunge and try their first face treatment or waxing and then rebooked for their next one.

How would you say that grooming for men has changed in the last 5 years?

In the last five years, men have become acutely aware that they need to look after themselves. That looking good and feeling good are intertwined. Overall Men’s knowledge of skincare has become quite advanced and they are definitely more in tune with the way the environment impacts on their skin. There has been a definite movement towards anti-ageing, so it’s no longer just a deep cleanse and moisturise. Now guys want to know what ingredients are in their products and how they are going to help.

With a full-time Barber available in store, what, in the opinion of Mankind, is the current trend in men’s hairstyles? What can we see for 2016?

Our barber has been finding that there are two trends that are in at the moment. Tight fades with strong shadow blends that move into a more organic style of Pompadour, infused with more texture with ruff finishes. This style has the ease of working a high shine pomade (for sculptured results) or more natural with a clay pomade. Both giving intense results. The other style which is being played with is set for summer/2016…. A nice clean Crew Cut, high tight fades/tapers with slight length on top (enough to ruff up), Clay products we find are a combination with this style. Raw & organic…

It was a pleasure to meet and greet with Craig and the team behind MANKiND, Melbourne and if you would like to find out more information on MANKiND or to book an appointment, please visit