An Insider’s Guide to The Yacht Week

Photo by Marcus Olsson

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]The Yacht Week. Synonymous for being an integral part of the European summer, and a truly wonderful spectacle that all should experience if not once in their lifetime. So, put aside the dreary thought of that arduous voyage to Europe, as a week of complete and utter bliss sailing the Adriatic awaits you.[/emphasized]

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Yacht Week, we at The Tailored Man decided to pack our bags and test the waters (pun intended) for ourselves. Below is a curated list of everything you need to know for your adventure of a lifetime courtesy of The Yacht Week.


We all know how important it is to find a solid crew for the festivities that you will experience on The Yacht Week (party, party, party!); no one likes a buzz-kill.
Choose your crew, add a skipper and we also recommend adding a hostess, for minimal worries during your week. And please do yourself a favour and opt for a ‘Catamaran’; you’ll thank us later.


The Yacht Week sets sail on many locations throughout the world, including Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, British Virgin Islands & Thailand. Like us, if Croatia, the original TYW destination, was your country of choice, you will be assigned a route (Black or Red) and will visit towns such as Split, Hvar, Milna, Vis, Stari Grad, Komiza & Trogir.


  • Swimmers 
    You will literally be living in your bathers, guys. Why not swim in style with a short that can take you from the ocean to the bar. Our pick: Skwosh
  • Sunnies
    Hide those seedy eyes in style. Our pick: Oblyk
  • Boat Shoes
    We don’t recommend wearing your thongs to TYW events. Our pick: Sperry
  • Grooming Kit
    Yes, you are on a holiday. But that’s no excuse to get lazy now, is it gents? Our pick: Triumph & Disaster
  • Hat
    Panama Hats this summer are a simple and fashionable must!!
  • Music
    Make sure you update that Spotify playlist with all the current tunes of 2016. Other boats judge…
  • Sunscreen
    Don’t be a hero.
  • Food
  • Booze


9am – Wake up and have breakfast with a view! Don’t worry, the struggles may be real from the night before, but nothing that a swim in the crystal blue sea can’t fix!

10am – Relax, sun bathe and take in the surroundings whilst your skipper sails to the next island.

12pm – Dive, swim, beers, repeat! Enjoy your swim-stop, plug in some tunes and have lunch with your TYW family.

2pm – Continue sailing and exploring the beautiful coastline.

4pm – Arrive on the island with the freedom to do as you please: explore the town, go to the beach; the choice is yours!

7pm – Although it is more than possible to eat on board your yacht, we recommend trying a local restaurant for the full cultural experience. Our picks: grilled Tuna steak with seasonal greens.

8-10pm – Dress up, have some drinks and prepare for a night out at a TYW exclusive event.


  • White party at Carpe Diem, Hvar
    Deck out in all white and make your way down to Carpe Diem bar, where you will be set in a sea of white amongst other TWYers. Party all day and eventually make your way to Carpe Diem Beach Club, where the party continues well into the night.
  • Sunset party at Hula-Hula bar, Hvar
    A memorable setting overlooking the water with great music and tropical vibes, purchase a litre cocktail (Sex on the beach, of course) and dance the night away.
  • Degustation dinner at Fort George, Vis
    The Tailored Man were fortunately invited to a truly unique and intimate dinner at Fort George Restaurant, which offers a fusion of traditional and contemporary tastes to create a unique dining experience within a spectacular setting.
  • The joining of the famous ‘The Yacht Week Circle’
    An incredible scene, and one most are familiar with (think The Yacht Week after movie), all boats from your route tie up and form a giant circle. Hop from boat to boat and make some new friends!
  • Fireworks at Vanilla Nightclub, Split
    An incredible scene and no better way to conclude what will surely be one of the greatest weeks of your life.

“We sailed, we danced, we explored, we belonged.”

After a seriously incredible trip that creates lifelong memories, an adventure that inspires and a journey where you truly belong, we say ‘thank-you’ to The Yacht Week.

A fantastic week of fun, sun, dancing and laughter with some of our best friends. It is fair to say that we will be back in the near future: maybe The Yacht Week: Italy, who knows!

So, for those who feel a deep and uncontrollable desire to travel (aka wanderlust), head to The Yacht Week homepage to start planning your 2017 trip of a lifetime.