How A Suit Should Fit: The Everyday Guy

In this day and age, the standard work wear attire is not always going to be a suit, shirt and tie. Depending on the industry you work in, and the likelihood of “casual fridays”, every guy will have a different day-to-day uniform.

In our fourth and final instalment of ‘How A Suit Should Fit’ with Hugo Boss, we employed the help of  Gyton Grantley, a familiar face across your TV screens, to help dress your average everyday man.

Moulding his appearance for certain roles comes as part of his job, however, right now, Gyton is just your everyday guy.

What does Casual Friday mean?

The word ‘casual’ is often interpretted in a mediocre way – an interpretation which has also transpired into fashion. And since the widespread inception of ‘casual Fridays’ the office space, there have definitely been a fair share of “office casual” interpretations…

So what should a casual look be for the office space? We suggest something very similar to what we have put Gyton Grantley in the above video. Casual doesn’t mean wearing your thongs and a singlet or tracksuit pants…(we would prefer if you didn’t own any of the aforementioned).

Regardless of whether you work in a suit environment or a more relaxed office, a certain amount of decorum is always appreciated and probably required… so that’s a thumbs down to thongs!

Coming into Autumn/Winter you’ll see a lot more neutral, earthy tones starting to come into the picture. We have gone for just that in our selections for Gyton.

Having a paler complexion, you don’t want to go for anything too bright and overpowering, as this will normally wash you out. So we picked out a mix of blues and earthy greens.

When selecting which colour goes on top or bottom, that depends on your individual proportions. If your thicker up top, go for dark and heavier on the bottom to balance out and vice versa if you carry your junk in your trunk.

Muscular, daddy long legs, Danny Devito or just your average joe… whatever your build, there is no excuse for an ill fitting suit! Fashion legend Tom Ford put it perfectly, “dressing well is a form of good manners.” So don’t be rude, keep calm, and suit up!

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