How A Suit Should Fit: The Muscular Guy

The stressful and time consuming task of finding ‘the perfect fitting suit’ can zap the life out of you. The repetition of ‘jacket on, jacket off’ can leave you in utter frustration when it comes to actually knowing your exact size for that perfect suit.

In partnership with Hugo Bossthis is the first of a 4-part series to guide you on “How A Suit Should Fit.” In this episode, we have focused on ‘Muscular’ or ‘V-Shaped’ figures.

To aid our journey towards perfection, we called upon the help of 2 x Mens Health cover model and former Bachelor TV star, Tim Robards.

With a muscular figure like Tim’s, there are few key points that we want to highlight from our video above…

The Shoulders

Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders; all those overhead barbell press’ may have you looking great in a singlet, however, buying a suit is now a hell of a lot harder. A few key points to remember are:

  • Opt for a softer shoulder construction in your choice of jacket
  • Be able to pick the jacket up off the shoulder and move it side to side (refer to video)

The Tailor

Your relationship with your tailor is key. Being a ‘muscular’ guy means 9/10 times you’ll be needing some sort of alterations. Knowing exactly what you want, as well as making sure your tailor understands what you’re after is essential. Most of all, you need to be comfortable!

Here’s a few focus areas to look at when deciding what needs tailoring:

  • The mid section of your upper body will most likely need to be pulled in, due to getting a larger size jacket to fit your shoulders in
  • Normally, your waist size would be smaller than the pant that comes with the jacket. Make sure you look to take the ‘waist’ & ‘seat’ in slightly, but not to much so you can’t bend over
  • If you want a more tailored pant leg, just be careful not to get it shaped too close to your leg. Look more at how the pant falls down to the shoe, you should be able to pull off and on your pants with ease.

In summary, buying a suit is not meant to be a time-wasting and painful process. If you know what to look for, finding the perfectly fitting suit is not as arduous as it sounds.

We hope with the help of our tips and the assistance of walking you through it, you’ll be feeling and looking a lot better in your suit next time around.

Make sure you check back this Tuesday at 6:00pm for our next instalment of ‘How A Suit Should Fit’ by Hugo Boss.


Styled: Dalton Graham

Videography: Ben Morgan

Photography: Marten Ascenzo


Article proudly partnered by Hugo Boss.

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