At The Crux Of It All

Melbourne – the city of brunch. Walk down any street and one café merges into the next. But South Melbourne’s freshest addition, Crux & Co, is a serious game changer!

Once we’ve tried and tested out the newest hot-spot/instagram foodie obsession, we often tick the box and shut the door. But I’m calling it early; Crux & Co is definitely a repeat offender. It’s that pair of jeans that never get old, because you know they make you look dayummm fine.

Crux & Co is a case of classics with a twist, with the volume turned up tenfold! Leave your gluten-free, dairy-free, taste-free baggage at the door.

Bringing together the best of the best, the concept is Kevin Li (Lights in the Attic & 3 Lives), king in the kitchen Chef Oggie Choi (Lights in the Attic), pastry magician Louis MK Lee (formerly Brunetti), caffeine wizards Yutaro Mitsuyoshi (Addict Coffee & Food, Two Birds One Stone) Ratchanon Theppabutra (Manchester Press) and the glue(in the form of a manager) that brought them all together, James Julian (Addict, Two Birds One Stone) – make for a killer combination.

At the crux of it all(pun intended) – two words that wouldn’t usually go together… Korean and patisserie. But the fusion of the two is as perfect as salt and pepper! It’s hard to go past the Bisque Bennedict with Tiger prawns, lobster bisque hollandaise on squid ink toast – what magic is this!

My weapon of choice was the Crux take on the famous “birds nest”(Lights in the Attic). A mixed bean and chilli concasse topped with a crunchy nest of potatoey goodness(rosti) and if you keep digging you find 3 nuggets of pure delicious gold – a felafel, a scotch quail egg and crispy, cheesy, heavenly aracini ball… Pick that tongue off the floor.

The drool-worthy, #foodporn French toast with vanilla fairy floss, mascarpone and natural honeycomb(actually looks like it came straight out of the beehive) is the one that taken over your Instagram, and is not too sweet but just sweet enough.


[outdented_text]And then there is the pastry cabinet… [/outdented_text]ALMOST too perfect to touch. But nobody has that much self-control in front of such delectable sweetness. The tarts are domed with the smoothest, glossiest mousse and filled with layers of creamy, sticky, crumbly heaven. Mind-blown by the apple crumble and salted caramel and chocolate bliss, they also have every macaron flavour under the sun and even some you couldn’t even dream up! It is a sweet heaven, but savoury lovers will be just as satisfied!

The Asian/French fusion continues in the pastries with green tea making an appearance inside a croissant (the only place it should be), yuzu infused into a brownie tart and a matcha tiramisu. They’ve captained the hybrid baked good trend – introducing the crogel, a cross between a buttery croissant and a crisp bagel. The cake game has been taken to the next level people.

The coffee game is strong, with a custom Synesso and Five Senses house blend. They’ve taken a “wine by the glass” approach to their caffeine, so sip, slurp, skull or savour one of their dynamic blends or micro lot filter brews.

EAT architects were the aesthetic creators and vibe makers, pairing a soft pastel palette with blonde wood, 60’s curves and rose gold metal details. The vibes are contagious and so good I wish I could move in.

Bringing together the best of the best, in coffee, in pastry, interior and food. This place is out of this world. Ill be back for more, probably twice-daily.

Crux & Co – my new Levi’s Vintage 501’s(fashion speak for THE ONE).


G01, 35 Albert Rd,
South Melbourne


Georgia Dunlop
A Sydneysider turned Melbournian, Georgia is a long time food enthusiast, wanderluster, whisky lover and piccolo drinker. As a Fashion and Textile Design graduate, Georgia values most a killer outfit, a beautiful space, delicious seasonal food and great company.