Behind The Face with Clinique for Men

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]Look into the mirror and what do you see? Is it wrinkles? Freckles? Sunspots? Acne scars? You may have one or you may have them all but truth be told no individual is the same and that also applies to your skin. [/emphasized]

The #BehindTheFace campaign from Clinique for Men is a true testament to that.

Featuring Daniel Dae Kim and Levison Wood, the two individuals share a completely different life journey that resonates well with the everyday man. Two completely different journeys and two different careers, these two men share there stories from the beginning and how they achieve the perfect skin.

For those of you who don’t know who Daniel Dae Kim is or his story, let us tell you…

He is the son of two Koreans who moved to America with only $200 in their pockets. Daniel was able to rise from poverty and achieve his dreams due to the trail blazed by his parents. Now an actor, director and pioneer in the Asian-American culture, Daniel continues to expand the perceptions of the Asian-American man al while fighting the historical barriers of race and stereotypes.

Now as for Levison Wood, a polar opposite journey to that of Daniel’s, with the keyword here being “journey’…

You only have to follow his Instagram to see what we mean. An English-born explorer, photographer and best selling author, Levison’s life achievements would pretty much tick off anyone’s bucketlist. Having stepped foot in over 90 countries around the world, Levison has used his life experiences to help educate and enrich those around him.

So you’re probably thinking how is skincare incorporated into the lives of these two individuals? The main message Cinique for Men wanted to portray is that no matter what journey you are on, no matter what career path you have chosen, looking after your skin is as important to one individual as it is to the other, which can be an easy addition to your daily routine.

Both Levison and Daniel are a testament of how easily skincare can be incorporated into their lives. Showing that whether it’s hiking through Himalayas and applying SPF 50+ or in Daniel’s case, applying Clinique’s soap and clarifying lotion between shooting, looking after your skin can make a huge difference to not only how you look but also how you feel in yourself.

For more information on Clinque for Men or on the #BehindTheFace campaign, click here.


Dalton Graham
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