Is Business Class Worth The Splurge?

Have you ever boarded a plane, looked to the left and thought, “Wow, I wonder what it’s like up sitting up there?” …We do, everytime!

Recently, we jetted off to London on board an Emirates Airline A380 and got to see what all the fuss is about. Here are our top 5 reasons why Business Class is worth the splurge…

The Express Lane

The only way to wait for your flight

What’s the last question you ask yourself before going to sleep the night before flying out…“What time does check in close?” It’s the one thing that can make or break some of world’s best frequent flyers. Unexpected delays en-route to the airport or last minute traffic detours can make that check-in closure come around quicker than you think. Luckily, when you fly Business with Emirates, not only are you able to jump the long queues at the check-in counter, a chauffeur will also be arranged prior to your departure, kick starting your experience as soon as you close the front door behind you.

The Seat

Emirates A380 Business Class Seat

There’s no secret to why you’re paying a fair bit more for your return ticket, you only have to look at your seat! The feeling of when the seatbelt sign goes off and at a push of a button, you’ve got yourself a bed…unbeatable. Apart from being able to stretch your legs, you also have your own mini bar incase you’re feeling a little parched after watching back to back episodes of Suits on your 38inch LCD…we’re not joking.

The Service

An A380 carries close to 480 passengers between all classes (First, Business & Economy). Economy Class contains roughly about 400 occupants and only 12-14 attendants. In Business Class there is around 60-70 occupants and 12-14 attendants… the odds are in your favour. And it shows, as you’re greeted with a smile and a bowl of mixed nuts within seconds of asking for assistance.

The Lounge

What a way to kill some time...

Having access to the lounge onboard was probably the best part of our Business Class experience. Like many people on long haul flights, you need to get up and stretch your legs. Doing laps up and down the aisle can become a nuisance, and having to sit in a strangers lap as the food trolley squeezes past can be embarrassing, we’ve all been there.

The lounge offers the perfect space for a stretch and a change of scenery. Whether it’s a nightcap or a quick little snack, the lounge is a great place to meet new people or to simply enjoy the endless supply of beer nuts.

The Food

We all know it – plane food is the worst. Except for those who like food organized into plastic containers and tray sections (OCD much?!), nobody really enjoys eating on the plane.

But, after helping ourselves to a few eye fillet steaks and one too many reds, we can safely say, the food is pretty amazing when in Business Class. After a restaurant quality 3-course dinner, including a delicious crème brûlée for dessert, we sadly had to say no to the cheese platter… this time!

So when you’re booking your next Emirates flight, consider your bank statement, but also your comfort… We definitely think it’s worth the splurge!

A long stop over is no longer a problem...

Article sponsored by Emirates.


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