How To Build Your Skincare Routine

Tom Ford

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]When it comes to skincare, men consider themselves a different breed. Men aren’t socially conditioned to give much thought to the health of their skin, but your face is your money maker! And having healthy, glowing skin is just as noticeable as a stylish outfit![/emphasized]

With men’s grooming growing from strength to strength, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to work out a good (and simple) routine – one actually tailored for your needs, not just what a ‘brand’ tells you to purchase. Male grooming can seem like a chore, but if you focus on areas where you have concern – or would like improvement – these will help you WANT to use the product rather than feeling like you HAVE to.

For some, the thought of using ‘grooming’ products seems far-fetched, but many of you already use shaving and especially hair products everyday, so consider yourself already on the grooming train…

A basic skincare routine doesn’t have to be costly, complicated or time consuming.  Just a handful of good products used once a day can do wonders for your face!



Electric Shave

If you’re a guy that uses an electric shaver, you are pretty sorted when it comes to the need for multiple shave products…

So a scrub once a week can help remove dead skin cells, sitting on the skin surface, which will buff skin for an easier clipper (and Razor) shave result, but no real product is needed to make the electric shaver work better.

Razor Shave

Using a razor, on the other hand, can be where men may need the extra product knowledge to make shaving life that little bit easier! Priming the skin is vital for success and ease of the old razor burn and there are 3 main types of shave primers – Gel, Foam and Cream.

My go-to and recommendation for most guys is actually the cream – it gives higher protection from razor to skin with its rich texture, and it doesn’t leave your face feeling dry. It will also stop your razor from dragging on the skin.
*Excessively oily skins may want to use a lighter product like a Gel or foam.

Try PC4 MEN Cream Shave – RRP $19, or DMAN Shave Cream – RRP $19.95


Need help with the razor? Click here for all my Razor shave tips.


Guys… put the soap bar away!!

A lot of men complain about looking shiny, and shine (or oil) comes to the surface of the skin when it thinks it’s dry. Soap, being a drying agent, will suck the moisture out of your skin, therefore producing more oil – so it really isn’t doing you any favors.

A daily face wash is necessary to clean away unwanted dirt and oil. But you never want to feel tight and dry after cleansing, otherwise more oil will come to the surface of your face.

If your skin is on the oily side and large pores are a concern, try a cleanser with added charcoal… This will give you a deeper cleanse, drawing out unwanted waste, to then give you a smaller looking pores, producing less oil.

Try Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser – RRP $10.99 Or if you’ve got normal/combination skin, pore refining isn’t as important, so its great to get a natural, balancing face wash, like Milk & Co’s Klim Face Wash – RRP $12.95



 A scrub is like polishing your car; you can wash it all you want, but only when you polish it does it really shine and look in showroom condition.

I like to call it the skin buffer, it can remove all the tired, old skin cells trapped on the surface of your face, helping new cells come forward – great for anti-fatigue!

Because of the scrubs nature and the little granules that you feel within the product, a scrub should be used 1-2 times a week max, definitely not a daily product as you can dry out the surface.

For oily skin, try Clinique City Block Purifying Mask + Scrub – RRP $60. For the above average grooming guy, with a normal combination skin, try Tom Ford Exfoliating Energy Scrub – RRP $75



This is an area that some guys skip, but it can do so much, especially if you feel dull, tired, and your skin is showing signs of age.

Hydration can instantly plump the skin; it awakens even the most tired of skins! Especially in Australia – the land of sun and the ozone hole – the face can get dehydrated quickly through sun exposure and no protection.

Hydration is needed all year round – we lose moisture in summer when we sweat, and our skin gets tight in the cooler months. Even the oiliest of skins need hydration, to keep the natural balance between oil and water level. Make sure you look for water-based products, instead of oil based, to keep that face shine free!

For a very simple, fast absorbing hydrating gel, use Clarins Super Moisture Gel – RRP $52. For those that frequent the outdoors, try Ultraceuticals Ultra UV protective Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Mattifying – RRP $69 – One of my personal favourites!



It’s all in the eyes, so lets not forget them! The eye area is the thinnest skin on the face; therefore it can show age quicker from creasing because of expression.

Yes, a mans skin is thicker than a woman’s, but that also means more pronounced lines around the eyes, rather than many tiny little ones. A good eye cream can feel quite fresh in the morning, awakening the eyes and relieving them of signs of fatigue, like eye bags.

Eye cream works under the premise, less is best! Half a pea size is plenty per eye and always dab the product from inner to outer eye, creating circulation and draining fluid away from the area to avoid puffy build up.

Try Kiehls Age Defender Eye Repair – RRP $46 *Out August 7th *. Or, try RE9 Advanced For Men Eye Repair Cream – RRP $79



So gents, scrub up and find a routine that works for you!

Happy Grooming!

Michael Brown
Michael Brown is a contributor at, beauty & grooming expert on Channel 9's Today Extra, a celebrity make-up artist, presenter, beauty/grooming writer and a tutorial expert with over 15 years experience in the industry.