5 Outerwear Brands to Know This Winter

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]This winter, every man needs to prepare his wardrobe with a reliable(and stylish) selection of outerwear garments to shield that perfectly paired outfit underneath. Whilst most labels have an outerwear collection, some brands stand well and truly head and shoulders above the crowd, with their incredible attention to detail when it comes to protection against the elements. [/emphasized]

The Sempach Graben


The Milan based brand gets its name from the district in which the Swiss army held its final parade for the ‘Swiss Cycle Regiment’. Whilst visiting a market, designer Christian Wernle realised the beauty and simplicity of Swiss design in an army sleeping bag, and decided to base an outerwear label around the its principals and the aesthetic of the Swiss military.

Today, the brand has multiple collections that channel this military inspiration, such as the Swiss army field tent which has been re-imagined into a durable, minimal outerwear collection.

Our personal favorite is the Graben, which looks like it was literally carved out of a military tent and hung straight on a model. To get your own Graben jacket, shop here.


Monitaly SS16


Continuing our trend of military-inspired outerwear, we turn our attention to another powerhouse of the soldierly style. Montitaly designer Yuki Matsuda has made it the labels mission to “revitalize classic American silhouettes through the use of clever re-evaluation and re-contextualization.” In basic consumer speak, Matsuda is trying to recreate multiple classic styles of American history using modern construction techniques.

For a seriously rugged coat check out the Deck Parka, which is inspired by the British Royal Navy Deck Crew. For more information on where to find the entire military-inspired outerwear range, click here.


Norse Projects AW15

Norse Projects

The Danish brand we’ve come to know and love, featured in many a man’s winter wardrobe, has continuously been held in high regard by the cooler dwelling northern Europeans. Now with a women’s collection, Norse Projects have always endeavored to be a source of quality with their Italian fabrics and European based manufacturing.

Norse have always created beautifully understated outerwear products with handsomely minimal silhouettes. A perfect example, the Hans Ripstop Shirt. For some serious rain protection with a minimal look on your outfit, check out the fisherman’s Storm Anorak.


Elka Regntoej's AW15


It seems like the Danish will do anything to keep rain off their outfits, with the seriously heavy duty Elka which was founded in 1958 by Ejnar Lauridsen.

Elka is not an easy brand to come across, as their main collections are actually built for high visibility occupations along with fishermen and tradesmen. However, Elka have recently put together ‘Elka Fashion’ and collaborated with Norse Projects, which has been mercilessly adopted by streetwear fans across the globe looking for a classic style raincoat with a bold colour palette.

If you’re lucky enough to come across Elka outerwear that hasn’t yet sold out, pick one up at Up There Store or visit their site for stockists.




Don’t forget about our friends (even further) up north. The Swedish based brand was founded in 2010 by Alexander Stutterheim, who’s beautifully functional design has blown up in only 6 years of production. It all began when Stutterheim came across his grandfathers raincoat and decided to remake the classic fisherman’s jacket using his own techniques.

Since then, they’ve been spotted on the likes of Kanye West, and have been featured in Barney’s New York; a special edition raincoat was also created in collaboration with Jay-Z.

Every Stutterheim jacket is hand crafted and made in Europe and is an essential in every man’s outerwear collection. To grab a jacket or even one of their signature capes, check out their online store.

Marten Ascenzo
Marten is a Melbourne based designer and writer with a background in architecture and graphic design. When he's not dabbling as The Tailored Man's photographer, he's working inside a fashion startup as a creative designer.