5 Local Streetwear Labels You Should Know About

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]In the ever expanding landscape that is the Australian fashion scene, it’s sometimes easy to skip over the local talent that outshines the larger labels. From head-to-toe collections by KLOKE to beautiful accessory designs by AARK, we’re here to shine a light on some of the up and coming Aussie streetwear labels.[/emphasized]


“Minimal” is a word that has been thrown around a lot lately. However, at the KLOKE team, Amy and Adam have been on the scene designing some beautifully crafted collections for some time, and since being available at Incu have exploded onto the scene as a go-to for beautifully simple basics for your smart casual wardrobe.

If you’ve ever seen Amy and Adam talk about their label, you can see the genuine soul they place behind their work. They meticulously search for their materials and fabrics to make sure they’re perfect for the designs. They show concern about the local industry and their impact on it. And most importantly, they legitimately have purpose and theory behind the designs of each collection.

Relaxed fits and neutral colour palette’s have come to define the brand. However, their latest collection has taken on an almost military like colour palette which ranges from deep hue khaki pants to army green bombers.

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With one too many long sleeved t-shirt companies popping up lately, you really have to look closer to identify which companies take pride in their design process, fabric selection and printing practice.

Founder Josh Thompson has consistently been a step ahead with his Melbourne based label since it’s inception. The Spacebound designs have always remained crisp because they don’t really conform to any local tacky trend that is quickly consumed and spit back out by the industry.

Thompson’s designs started out as a nod to the space program symbolism of a time long past. The current collection boasts a more post modern look, with manipulated typographic designs screen printed directly onto 100% pure cotton.

For their signature textured puff ink long sleeve, check out

Spacebound Store


Song for the Mute

Since their first collection 6 years ago, friends Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty have been curating some of the finer sourced pieces for their label Song for the Mute. 

In an age of cheaply and lazily sourced materials, Tanaya and Ty place absolute importance on their fabric selection and spend a bulk of their time “Walking through fabric mills, sampling and examining the texture, weight, touch and drape characteristics of each material.” There is an obvious expressionist style with these pieces that don’t go down the path of the absurd ‘draped layers’ aesthetic, but rather a beautifully simple style that is complimented by the gorgeous fabric selection.

The label also collaborates with some heavy hitters in the industry such as extravagant footwear designers KKTP and even with Japanese dining powerhouse Toko, who are friends of The Tailored Man.

Song for the Mute



One consistent theme throughout these labels is the importance they place on the quality and build of their collections, and that’s no different for Blairarchibald. The Melbourne based label  describe themselves as “a brand that is built on the philosophy of supporting local industries and perpetuating a contemporary take on men’s classic styles”.

Blair strives to design clothing that is an investment, not a cheap item you quickly burn through and get rid of six months later. And while they take an old fashioned approach to the design and manufacturing process, there’s a very evident modern take on the underlying old school style that some would call timeless.

To grab their trademark letterman jacket or take advantage of their made to measure service, go to

Blair Archibald


Christian Kimber

After growing up in England and learning from the most elite shoemakers in the world on Savile Row, Christian Kimber came to Australia in 2011 with an idea to create some of the most beautifully crafted shoes to fill a gap he saw in the Australian fashion industry.

At the time, a lack of beautifully constructed men’s shoes in Australia was something he simply couldn’t ignore. Since then, Kimber has become something of a versatile powerhouse, with his shoes being featured on celebrities stunting on red carpets to brands and department stores clamouring to collaborate with the young designer.

Kimber has an innate talent for designing shoes across multiple styles. While putting together some beautifully crafted sneakers, Kimber also creates some of the more refined boots and dress shoes we’ve seen out of a local label.

To check out his work and see his new flagship store, check out

Christian Kimber


AARK Collective

We’re cheating a little by adding another brand, but the (frankly) over saturated boutique watch scene needs a shake up. Every watch company just seems to copy the last “minimal” design they saw and then try to sell a few bucks worth of stock.

What they don’t realise is that simple design is challenging, and AARK have absolutely hit that theory out of the ball park. AARK is one of the few watch companies that don’t consider minimalist design theory a current fad and strive to set themselves apart from the ridiculously over saturated market.

From the squiggly hour hand to their marble faces, each one of their designs is not only identifiably different, but also beautifully original. They’re inventive, attractive, complimentary and have caught the eye of the National Gallery of Victoria and are currently on display in the NGV lobby.

For more go to the beautifully designed

AARK Collective


Marten Ascenzo
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