5 Exercises to Get You Ripped

Summer is here, which means more time at the beach, more barbecues, and less time in the gym. But don’t let the cheese-grater become just cheese…

The warmer weather should be spent sipping and socialising, rather than chained to the treadmill. With time of the essence, we hit up Adidas Ambassador and professional boxer Lauryn Eagle for 5 easy ab-exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, to help keep that washboard in good nick:

  • 1kg dumb bell punches: Practice screwing your knuckles in and keeping your elbows in tight. Punch straight for 2 minutes.
  • Skip for 4 x 3 minute rounds at a high pace to increase your cardio vascular fitness
  • Buy 2 ladders (if not accessible, set up DIY ladders with cones or anything suitable). Practice fast feet on your toes, mix up leading with left and right food. Try and keep your heels off the ground to really work on your agility and get that heart rate pumping.
  • 2 x 2 minute rounds of squats in boxing position (aka right hander = left foot in front, left hander =  left foot in front). NOTE: Weight must be in heels at all times, squat as low as possible, go for as many reps as possible in 2 minutes. Remember to keep your knee in-line with your ankle and not let it push over your front toe.
  • Core work: Plank for 1 minute, plank on hands for 1 minute, shoulder  taps on hands for 1 minute (alternating arms). Turn  over onto your back, wrist to knee crunches for 1 minute, legs vertical in the air and fingertips touch toes for 1 minute.
Dalton Graham
Founder of The Tailored Man Dalton Graham is a football playing fashion aficionado who cut his teeth in the rag trade since he could talk. Growing up in the fashion industry, its no secret that style is running through his veins. Experienced beyond his years, the humble perfectionist thrives on helping the everyday man.