5 Days Of Nothing But Juice

[emphasized type=”emphasized”]It’s like gin and juice… without the gin.[/emphasized]

With summer upon us, I was ready to kick myself into gear with an Ayomo juice cleanse… come at me bikini body(seriously optimistic!)

Here is my unfiltered Detox Diary…

(Hint: It’s ALOT harder than it sounds! Clearly evident on Day 4…)


Day 1:

I already feel #healthy #cleaneating #fitspo, and I’ve only just opened the box.
* Tells everyone that I am on a juice cleanse * because GO ME.
Oh no, I’ve become one of those people… But did you know I’m doing a JUICE CLEANSE?!
These juices actually taste okay, better than the expected vegetable flavoured water.


Day 2:

I’m not even hungry. I think.
I’m such a bad b*tch, HALTH HALTH HALTH.
What do I do with my hands?!
Why is foodporn a thing, it’s cleansing cruelty!
Did I really just spend 33mins looking at burgers on Instagram?! Productivity levels peaking.


Day 3:

I can do this, easy peasy. It’s going to be so worth it after when I look like a Victoria’s Secret model in 2 days. LOL.
*5 mins later* Somebody give me a goddam pizza.
If I hear one more person chomping solids I’m going to chomp their face.
I feel like I haven’t eaten in 6 years, send HALP.
I’m living vicariously through other people’s food porn.


Day 4:

Somebody please piggyback me to work, otherwise I will have to drag my legs.
Is it normal to have sexual dreams about pizza? Is carb-sexual a thing?! * Google’s “can people be sexually attracted to food?” *
No more liquid. So much liquid. I think I’ve forgotten how to chew.
I wonder if “grape juice” is allowed?


Day 5:

HALLELUJAH last day of liquid. Although I have come to enjoy you enormously Juice #5, you carroty, gingery, tumeric-y good thing.
I have never felt so hydrated in my life.
Gosh I feel so light! Probably because there is literally nothing inside me.
Maybe I should invest in a juicer?! Who am I kidding, I’d rather buy 20 pizzas.
Just got told I was glowing, YASSS! Is this what that pregnancy “glow” feels like?! Minus the extra 30kgs?!


The Verdict

I’m not going to beat about the bush, cleansing is HARD! Day 1 and 2 you’re still feeling great about your decision to cleanse, the hope of #health is alive and well. But by Day 3 when your stomach feels like it is eating itself, things ain’t pretty. But push through the urge to spoon copious amounts of nutella into your gob and you’ll feel pretty damn amazing!

Post Cleanse Feels:

  • No afternoon sugar cravings, or any sugar cravings
  • Decreased appetite – I struggled through a single boiled egg for breakfast on my first day back to solid food
  • Reset my tastebuds, only wanting to eat fresh fruit and veg for the few days after
  • So much time saved time on cooking, food-shopping and cleaning, leaving more time for the important things… Netflix and sleeping, am I right?!

Unfortunately no magical abs, but after 5 days of juice, my body felt like a well-oiled machine! Just in time for Christmas ham.


The Details:

Ayomo cleanse:

  • 6 cold-pressed juices per day
  • 1 juice every 2 hours
  • Option of 1 day($58), 3 day($165) or 5 day($275) cleanse
  • 3 Cleanse Options: Balance, Renew or Replenish
  • 3 or 5 day cleanses delivered in 2 batches


Ayomo subscription:

Just like your favourite magazines, Ayomo do a subcription system, delivered straight to your door.

From $42 a week for a selection of 8 juices to $150 a week for 32, all include a guilt-free treat and a few surprises to have you raring and ready to go! Enjoy your daily dose of juice whenever you want!


Georgia Dunlop
A Sydneysider turned Melbournian, Georgia is a long time food enthusiast, wanderluster, whisky lover and piccolo drinker. As a Fashion and Textile Design graduate, Georgia values most a killer outfit, a beautiful space, delicious seasonal food and great company.